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Jacqueline Senator, PhD
Clairvoyant Coaching 

Reclaim, Envision, Empower


Meet Jacqueline

I am a phenomenologist and practicing metaphysician. I’m a trained professional holding a doctorate in psychology, who specializes in consciousness, spirituality, integrative health and creativity.  It is my passion to teach from this knowledge base.  I enjoy guiding others with the many tools and techniques I have mastered to tap into their soul awareness as an embodied conscious being to demonstrate their full potential.  I specialize in activating creativity and integrating wellness with soul awareness.  It is a pleasure to share my dedication to understanding consciousness with others for the betterment of our lived experiences.  

My Specializations

Born a clairvoyant/clairaudient medium, trained as a psychologist and energy practitioner.  I follow the conscious leads that unfold the soul’s story to navigate life’s journey with ultimate health and easeful grace.  It is my hope to awaken the natural connection between mind, body and spirit. 

Intuitive Coaching

Integrative Health

Readings + Mediumship

Energy Medicine

Dream Therapy

Soul Emergence

What Clients Say

"Within the first 60 seconds of listening to Jacqueline's scan of my energy, I was stunned. She saw in incredible detail, exactly how I was feeling in that moment. She articulated aloud, thoughts that I had never spoken but felt deeply. She tapped into the core of the issue I presented her with and illuminated the layers of energetic repair that were needed for it to resolve. Having never met me before, Jacqueline was bringing up aspects of my personality that only a relative or close friend would have known. I was amazed at her insights and clarity. I have never worked with an intuitive who was so completely right-on and thus, will be seeing Jacqueline many times to come. She truly has a gift and I feel blessed to be able to work with her."

M.M.  California


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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