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About Me

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient medium. I was born with these heighten natural intuitive abilities in a family that understood this to be normal. Yet, growing up I discovered not everyone had the same ability and proficiency to use their intuition.  I began at an early age to search for answers, to gain a greater understanding of consciousness.  This lifelong study led to achieving a doctorate in psychology with a dual specialization in Creative Studies and Consciousness, Spirituality and Integrative Health. Before that I graduated with a master’s degree in depth psychology that focused on myth, dream and symbols where I pioneered a new method of depth inquiry called the Sacred Intuitive Art Process.  I continue to study consciousness and creativity through my work and service with clients and in my research as a phenomenologist.  For the past 20 years I have taught people from around the world ways to align and achieve their highest potential.   

Education and Certifications

PhD in Psychology - Dual Specialization Consciousness, Spirituality & Integrated Health; Creative Studies

I completed my dissertations as a phenomenological researcher studying changes of consciousness supported by ethnopharmacology and neuropsychology.

Master's Degree in Psychology - Specialization Depth Psychology 

graduated with a master's degree in depth psychology focusing on myth, dream and symbols from Sonoma State University where I pioneered a new method of depth inquiry called the Sacred Intuitive Art Process.

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology - Concentrations Fine Art & Dance

I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology while focusing on creative expression and healing arts.

Certified Emei Qigong Teacher

I specialize in teaching qigong techniques and energy medicine for health.

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Peaceful Candle and Flowers

My Philosophy

It is my understanding that we are each equipped with a psychic apparatus that connects us to our energetic field of awareness.  It is within this field of awareness that we connect to a sense of self known as soul.  This connection allows us to integrate ourselves into fuller expression of ourselves as embodied individuals.  We can sense this awareness through our ability to be feel empathic with others, seeing visual representations in our dreams and hearing our inner voice resonant with our better judgments and observations.  We often refer to these senses as a gut reaction, or a sense of unexplained knowing.  Yet, we may develop the scope of our abilities through learning to control our senses through our body awareness and mental control.  


As our minds come into a quite receptivity, we are able to recognize our sense perceptions and witness our consciousness move beyond our logical assumptions.  This form of mindfulness is the key to unlocking the doors of perception, granting us access to our unlimited potential.  I believe that everyone has this potential and ability to use their heightened sensitivity to unleash their optimal health and expanded understanding of themselves and others.  I find it to be a simple endeavor that requires only a desire or curiosity to begin and the patience to continue that unlocks the potential of our consciousness.

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