Words Wands ✨Spoken Magic

Words are powerful symbols. Each word anchoring a specific energy within it when spoken. And within a definition, each word may be holding several meanings. However, the true power of any word rests within the meaning that we chose to give it with our emotions. We can change the meaning of a word simply by holding that word differently in our hearts and minds.

Words that linger in our minds, or strike our hearts, powerfully influence our thoughts. Making the use of our words similar to waving a magical wand simply through the use of meaningful speech. And equally powerful, we can chose to use our words to empower others.

Within our mental spaces, we use words to describe our feelings, thoughts, wishes and prayers. Words can equally bless us or harm, depending on how they’re used. This is why it’s so important to really consider the words that we use and entertain in our speech. Especially, when we are engaged in self-reflection or self-talk. So much can shift when we ignite the power within us by supporting ourselves with positive imagery and words.

To change our speech, we must first change the way we think. The thoughts we have, come from the way we perceive ourselves and the world. Often this perception is a mixture with parts of our culture, our family values and our experiences, and anything we’ve feed our minds through the media. We often form opinions that not openly discussed based on these perceptions that can misguide us from seeing clearly.

Equally the words we use to describe others can be very reflective of how we feel within ourselves. So, it’s important to be mindful of our speech and our thoughts. Some of us are still working on editing our responses to heal inner wounds that will not be forgotten. Others are mindful so long as they are not pushed beyond their comfort level. While, still others deflect all accountability through absolute denial that leads to great self-harm, as well as harming others out of willful ignorance.

Our words are our own. Each of us is molded by the thought we entertain. Nothing is innocuous, or without cause. We are responsible to ourselves, but also to each other. What we think for ourselves expands outwardly. All that we speech to ourselves reveals our world and equally mirrors our expectations.

We can make such amazing, immediate, long-effecting change by simply focusing our thoughts and being mindful of our words. It sounds simple and it is. However, the challenge is breaking the old thought patterns or beliefs that limit and destroy opportunity before any action is taken.

It is through ‘listening’ to ourselves, to the words we use, that we become aware. Are we being accurate within our speech? Do the words we’re using actually reflect what we’re meaning to say? Are we repeating some message that is underserving the intentional change we wish to achieve?

Sometimes, taking a step back allows the change in perspective that’s needed to see a better solution. It’s not that instantly you know how to fix everything. It’s the space that is created that allows inspiration to enter. We can create that space for ourselves by choosing words that open doors to new worlds.

Having a supportive inner dialogue can make all the difference in the way a challenge is met. This does not negate the need for self-critique or honest inquiry. In fact, it encourages authenticity by allowing true reflection on meaning. What it means to you. That is a different process than simply repeating positive words without thinking of what anything means, a sort of escapism from inner reality.