"Who's George?"

For years, I had been hearing the name "George". It would rise up from my serene openness during my yoga practice. A simple, yet potent "George". I had been hearing this name for a while. In fact, it had been a consistent theme rising up for almost three years. Over the past year it had become a consistent repeated message "George".

The name lingered as a single light hovering for years appearing like a mystery. I had no real idea to be honest who this "George" might be. I had thought it might be a new love interest, or someone who I might meet that was important. Yet, for many years nothing was revealed beyond the name. It never occurred to me that it would be a global phenomenon.

One morning about a year ago as I awoke, I heard loudly "All Hail King George!" Now, I was really perplexed. Who was this? Did this mean he was benevolent and powerful? I pondered the message. I thought after a few days, oh, maybe it's baby George in England. But that didn't seem relevant or solid. So, I held the space for the truth to be revealed. I had not realized it was an angelic proclamation.

I kept hearing "George" during yoga especially, but also during meditation, house cleaning and at times while I was in a relaxed state. It was starting to bother me, a great deal actually. Who is George? Why do I keep hearing his name?

Then one afternoon while doing dishes I heard clearly "It's all Bullsh*t until George." This caught my attention. It was such a big message. It came with the distinct feeling like everything that I had known before was utterly substandard. Still, I didn't know who George was. Yet, it felt like whoever he was he held a force that would clear the decks and make things right. That feeling of make things right seemed to resonate with me for days.

I thought hopefully, perhaps it might be the new good guy I was going to meet. But that didn’t feel right. I thought it might be someone I would meet who would be important in some way. I let my mind go in that dreamy direction, but knew it was of my own making, so let it go. The truth. Who was George? It felt like he was bringing really good change, real progress. And being self-absorbed in my own world, it didn't occur to me that it was a global message.

During a conversation with a dear friend who's also psychic, I'd asked her. What do you get when I say the name "George"? She replied, "sweetheart, a real sweetheart". I said, I'd been hearing his name for years and it's really increasing in frequency. I added that I'd heard "all hail king George" and "it's all bullish*t until George". She wasn't able to add beyond speculation. No more clues.

I didn't know anyone named George. I hadn't met a person named George. I began to ask whose George, who is this person. It was an important person obviously, why else would it keep being repeated clairaudiently if not, for some vital message.

It continued, "George". Just "George". I'll be honest I became frustrated a bit. During a conversation with a family member. Yes, I'd finally decided to share this weird message because it wouldn't go away. Maybe someone else could help spark a connection to this meaningfully. I admitted, I didn't know who this George was, a spirit guide, a benefice person I would meet. I had no idea beyond that truth that obviously he was important. George whoever he was, was important. I waited to see, George.

On May 25th George Floyd was murdered by a police officer. It was caught on video. The world saw it. The horrific truth of systematic black oppression, violence and racism. George Floyd died unnecessarily by excessive force, police brutality and apparent racist profiling. This unfortunate news reached me online within hours of the incident.

It stunned me with disbelief at incongruent images of a law officer perpetrating a crime. My mind raced to comprehend. Why? Why was this happening? Why wasn’t someone making it stop? It was indisputable. This man in police custody was being murdered with others standing guard while it happened. And no one, no one intervened to save his life.