Unexpected Gifts of Kindness

Updated: Apr 26

There’s a certain special kind of magic that ignites our hearts born from unexpected acts of kindness that spreads like wildfire across our lives igniting joy and gratitude, inspiring light and blessings. We can so easily bring this magic into each other’s lives through simple actions with a little bit of imagination, and contentious awareness. We need not have any special training, or even be well acquainted with those who received our attentions to make strong spiritual allies grow across our communities and throughout the world.

Random acts of kindness have a way of healing those we did not know by lifting us up as we perform them. We can share in this beautiful activity in all kinds of inventive ways, helping to inspire those who receive and those that witness alike. Some of the best gifts we can come through a sense of being divinely inspired without obvious links to anyone specific. And there is something magical about being drawn into service in this special way, that lifts us out of the ordinary and places us in the company of earth angels, walking among our fellow beings.

We can bless not only people, but animals as well, making the broad spectrum of our goodness reach even farther than imagined. Every act of kindness increases the goodness in the world simply by being recognize as goodness that arose within ourselves. We may be performing these acts for others, but we also benefit from the joy that arises within us in doing them.

There are many ways we can see opportunities to lift our friends, family and neighbors, as we know them well enough to listen to what would lift their spirits up higher. Maybe, it’s a kind note with a little treat, a kind ear willing to listen, taking care of a dreaded task without being asked, or leaving and unexpected gift that they’ve secretly been wanting. We have these opportunities to show our love and in a way, to demonstrate the love of divine origins as we play the role of an angel.

Some of my favorite ways to see kindness given is to strangers, by individuals who paint messages on rocks, benches of inspiration, or those who pay it forward for their fellow community members by paying for their tolls on a bridge, lunches at cafes, or treats for children at schools and daycares, of course the many hours of volunteerism that benefit those in need. Each time I hear of these great act, I am reminded we all have such big hearts, and I am truly grateful for such amazing souls. It never ceases to amaze me at the warmth that erupts from the human heart.

We can each make an effort to do at least one kind thing a day both for ourselves and for someone else. A funny thing happens when we make a habit of perform kind acts, we become hungry to do more. It’s like a wonderful contagious game of positive mischief that leads to increasing happiness. When we performs these act of shared grace we are in a sense cleansing our inner world of harmful bitterness, renewing ourselves to believe in a world that is good and worthy of great acts of kindness.

Here’s some way we can practice giving unexpected gifts of kindness:

  • Smile at people (even it’s just on zoom calls).

  • Compliment someone – genuinely notice something you admire and tell them without wanting anything in return.

  • Hug a loved one or pet.

  • Make a kindness matters sign and hang it in the window.

  • Make a donation.

  • Leave flowers for someone.

  • Deliver groceries to someone who’s homebound.