Thinning of the Veil

It's that time of year when the veil is thin as my mother would say. We all knew what that meant. Being gifted with special sight and having visions or seeing unexpected guest in our old house wasn't unusual. Paranormal occurrences happened throughout the year, not just when the veil was thin.

That understanding of the veil between worlds came natural. We grew up learning that the world was made of both spirit and matter. At certain times the barrier between the magically invisible and rock solid visible would blend together. Or rather, come out of nowhere and surprise everyone.

When the veil was thin, the unusual occurred. Distant relatives, ancestors, or people from next door a century back, could come and easily visit. Messages and reconnections to those that support us could be felt. It meant more experiences were possible. And more people could have those experiences who usually did not. It was the time when things could be seen that were usually hidden.

For some people this may feel unnerving. Especially, if an apparition or disembodied spiritual experiences has been unexpected. The unknown is often scary, because it is by its nature the unknown. That's scary enough sometimes. Feeling unprepared for encounters can feel scary too.

Many cultures throughout time mirrored the idea of shared spaces with spirit beings. We are blessed to have the opportunity to open our minds to learn about these different traditions. It is amazing to see how often the same phenomenon is reported by completely different groups, yet share uncanny similarities.

My research as a phenomenologist has shown spiritual phenomenon not uncommon, nor inherently dangerous. Most paranormal experiences are reported to be non-threatening. That's not to say that there aren't uncomfortable experiences. The disembodied spirits within encounters appear to be no different than their embodied counterparts. The world, both spiritual and materiality, seems to be filled with all sorts of characters.

It appears that the spirit world is in some way, superimposed upon the living field of materiality. The waves of communication that take place through our dreams, visions and sensations are happening as we allow our psychic apparatus to navigate the field of this awareness. How we awaken and take guidance, or direction from this field awareness largely depends on our level of comfort.

For some people the spiritual world is interwoven within their blood through myths, rituals and wards passed through stories at home. Others learn through studies of the metaphysical. And still more, watch unsure what to make of what no one is talking about, and therefore ignore it.

We become comfortable with this type of enhanced vision within our experience of the field of awareness through meditation. As we learn to stay grounded in our sense of self we become confident in our being. We claim our inner space from which we witness the field of awareness around us -- safe, grounded and empowered.

This is time of year when magic is afoot. Beyond stories of goblins, or bags of treats, true magic awaits. It could arrive synchronistically. An unexpected call from a wrong number that's an old acquaintance. A book falling open to the exact page that gives advice to the problem that you've been trying to solve. A sign, a song, a stranger's conversation, finding what we need unexpectedly. You get the idea.

Magical timing and cycles were integrated in daily life by the ancients. They thought about how they related to nature through the turning of seasons. We can remember to honor this timing. At least metaphorically, as many of us now live in cities and harves