The Serendipity of Thursday Afternoon

It is interesting to notice, what we experience, when we allow ourselves to be open to the divine force of auspicious happenings. Some people refer to these occurrences, calling them miracles, serendipitous happenings, fortuitous meetings, synchronicities, unexpected gifts, or profound insights, sometimes being felt as mighty divine interventions, or even, unexplainable angelic assistance.

These special experiences that lead us in the right direction are not dependent upon outside sources. These experiences are in fact, called into our awareness through our readiness to experience them. It really depends on whether we are willing to play in the universe with the awareness that the universe is aware of us, playing too.

Imagine, what would it be like, to consider the idea that the universe, the whole universe was a sentient presence intimately connected to us, bestowing with great readiness a willingness to respond to our focused attention? We could choose to see that force of universal energy as an energetic friend that flows with awareness throughout our entire day. It would launch us into a different perspective.

To consider the universal source as an active participant in our lives, we must open ourselves. We can achieve this openness in few different ways. We can call our awareness into focus through well-chosen words, either in the form of a prayer or intention. We can focus our emotions strongly on feeling this wished fulfilled. We can visualize ourselves as whole, healed or helped in what fashion we need. We can invite a friend to speak the affirmation for us, grant