The Power of Self-Love

Self-Love is a vital ingredient for proper health. It allows ourselves to hear on a deep level what’s needed to gather support in a way where we can take action to fulfill it. Sometimes it may mean paying attention to our own truth and standing up for it. By becoming clear about our situations and listening to ourselves without judgment. We learn that honoring our truth is also a part of receiving well deserved self-love.

Loving ourselves can take many different forms. It might involve being gentle and kind by listening to that inner voice that speaks to us about better nutrition or taking a break from the news cycle. We feel better when we listen to that voice that says, ‘a little sleep would make you feel a whole lot better’. It might be something as simple as making ourselves a warm cup of tea or a special treat that reminds us that we are loved and nurtured unto ourselves.

It often involves having a sense of compassion towards ourselves. Compassion for oneself is a primary ingredient used to transform consciousness. With compassion we find forgiveness of past mistakes often with a supportive awareness to try again. Self-love builds a sense of confidence and wisdom that allows others to feel equally supported in our presences.

Compassion towards ourselves is a powerful form of self-love and when practiced becomes one of the best ways to teach others about self-love. Compassion is very powerful as it may also lead to a sense of self-forgiveness. In releasing the burden of expectation, we become patience and forgiving of others. Self-love is a transformational practice of healing.

Without self-love we cannot hope to evolve. It is the first gift we must bring to ourselves in order to fully understand how to love. Self-love let us care for ourselves compassionately understanding short-comings and encouraging growth. We can be much more loving to others as well when we are full of love already. Love is the highest form of consciousness.

How to cultivate self-love

  • Discover ways that make you feel loved, nurtured and cherished. Practice giving to yourself in this way.

  • Look into the mirror and say “I love you” “I appreciate you” “Thank you for taking care of me”

  • Give to yourself. Time to rest. Special care and pampering. What’s really needed?

  • Allow yourself to receive care understanding you deserve it from self or others.

  • Think kindly about yourself and others.

  • Forgive any hard feelings and let them go.

  • Appreciate yourself. Use positive self-talk.

  • Listen to yourself – heart open to receive insight.

  • Make a promise to support an area of change or growth desired. Work the plan.

  • Journal daily. Stay connected. Dream.

  • Focus, speak and affirm the things you love.

  • Make a list of favorites focusing on ‘you’. What you appreciate about yourself.

  • Build a playlist + vision boards.

  • Surround yourself in positive energy and

  • Connect with good friends that love, support and appreciate you and who can be honest with you.

  • Adopt a theme song and find your groove.

  • Create art, poetry or music that reflects your mood and self-expression.

  • Dress up, dress down, play with clothes – making them empower and support how you wish to be seen. Do it for you!

  • Believe in you, deeply and unwaveringly, believe.

  • Sing yourself a song that makes you happy.

  • Play, letting the inner child free to explore.

  • Wear your favorite color.

  • Eat your favorite food.

  • Listen to your favorite music.

  • Do what’s feels best- sleep, if your tried; eat, if you’re hungry.

  • Laugh as much and often as you can.

  • Remember, there is only one of you in the world, that’s pretty special!

  • Value yourself and honor your feelings.

Offering self-love to ourselves truly benefits everyone. This happens first by offering it to ourselves that then allows us to expand our awareness and compassion outwardly to others. We are able to discover and share our victories over constraint, insights into our passions and ways that self-soothe beyond stress. Even a small act done with compassionate self-love can lift the soul to feel better.

I want to encourage each of us to give love, kindness and gentleness to ourselves. Especially now, during times of great change the easiest ways forward often comes out of small acts of kindness. As we are all connected, yet each asked to be apart at this time. It’s even more vital to act with kindness and love towards ourselves. Letting that special act of love fill the space within you makes more to share with the world.

🙏🏽 May you each find the love that is radiantly shining within you today! 💖

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