The Power of Laughter

Laughter has an incredible power. Laughter can lift a spirit so high that when it returns from that magical flight of buoyance. Our spirit seems to hover just above the ground for a minute before returning to the grounded place of ordinary expression. It is a healing balm for both boredom and melancholy. The gift of laughter spreads our wings to soar. Even when our hearts feel glued to the floor.

So, where does laughter come from? Some might suspect that it is a natural predisposition of the blessed, or maybe it’s a skill learned and cultivated. I tend to believe it comes directly from the angels, a special grace bestowed. Because laughter break all boundaries, emotes a shared understanding and brings everyone together in joyous release.

It’s true not all of us have the same sense of humor. Which makes laughter all the more mysterious and wonderful as a boundless force. Most people enjoy laughing. Some make it a priory in their lives. Even adding it to the list of desirable characteristic in a mate. For a light-heart person fills everyone with a sense of peace and calm.

Using humor to lift the spirits is not a new concept. But did you realize that laughter can actually make you healthier. It’s true. Laughter is known to strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, helps to controls blood sugar while promoting heart health. It is a free and powerful antidote against depression. And there are many way to laugh, even as a daily practice.

Laughter Yoga, also known as Hasyayoga, was made popular by a family physician named Madan Kataria. His book, Laugh For No Reason, Dr. Kataria details his experience. It’s an easy practice, with specific instructions. Laughter yoga has been practiced around the world in Laughter yoga clubs for many years. It can be accessed through online videos and websites. Perhaps, share it to make it more fun.

Laughter is such a powerful tool to use, especially to help relieve stress, or relax tensions within relationships. Sometimes using a little humor can be the ice breaker needed to start the conversation towards true healing. We can often get our point across, especially with our children, when we use a little silliness. It exaggerates the issue to become funny while presenting clear understanding of the lesson.

Using humor with ourselves is also useful. When becoming frustrated or annoyed by a mistake, try taking it with a little humor. Often this shift makes it possible to see a different solution. Releasing the steam that is built-up within us due to constraints or limitation beyond our control is a proactive measure towards mental health. It’s also something that we can generate for ourselves. We can create a lighter atmosphere by watching, reading, listening or creating humorous projects or dialogues.

Laughter is a gift for the one who unleashes its force, blessing all who join in the echo of good vibrations. Laughing has an alchemical property to shift the chemistry of the body and soul. We have only to set our focus on its possibilities and it arrives to lighten the burden. I encourage you to add laughter to your daily health practice. It will help to integrate all the different experience