The Power of Intention

Having an intention is a very powerful energetic agreement, especially when one has the mental control to make it a demonstration, and not just a strong belief. We can manifest through the power of our consciousness. Many have written about this phenomenon, calling it by different names, but it is all the same, awareness, truth that hasn’t any doubt. We create our experience through the consciousness that we hold to be authentic for us.

When we hold an intention, we are assigning a goal, or a vision into our present state of awareness. We claim it to be ours. This action creates within us an assumption, that is like a lamp being turned on creating a clear light for it to be seen as manifested and real.

We are seeing our intention as though it was already present. This strengthens the feeling that we are connecting with our chosen state and claiming its alignment. This sends a message to our subconscious that then responds by supporting this assumption.

Intentions are wonderful, in that as a practice we can reclaim them again, and again. If we get distracted or lose focus because we are involved in some other project. We can re-ignite them with renewed energy to draw our passion, getting our intentions back into form.

We have the potential to purposefully use our intentions to make change, if we so chose. We can empower ourselves by using our mental skills of intention to become stronger, kinder, empathic, and purposefully led to accomplish great good. We have so much potential to act for good.

Sometimes, we don’t think our wishes have enough power. Experiment, start intending, and ask to be led, a way to make them bigger will be shown. The universe has a way of making things unfold to meet us unexpectedly with great grace, perfect timing, and ease. Just begin, by believing and intending. Then follow the leads that appear to make real the intentions of good will.

Always intend from generosity and good will, even when others may have caused harm and ill contentment, offer it back with compassion for growth and peace to prevail universally. We can grow peace by planting seeds of peace, only forgiveness and compassion with clear knowledge to grow together rather than apart will we flourish.

We can use our words to empower others to believe in themselves, to use their awareness to grab hold of their goals with equal intentions and supportive kindness. Perhaps, that is how we shift nations to come to peace, through the shared community of intended peace and well-being for one another.

Holding intentions for peace are so useful. We can intend the one thing that will bless all life on this planet, peace. When we give our prayers of gratitude and offer thanks, let us also offer gratitude for peace for everyone. We can hold additional global or community minded intentions to be influential, when genuinely engaged.

Our intentions can find that our simple wishes soon take on more noble and expanded goals. The energy of positive vibrations spreading outwardly through intentional consciousness. It is often surprising and uplifting to see how it can integrate neighborhoods, or school districts or expand a project far beyond where they began. This is the expanding energy of good intentions growing when others join.

I think some of the best intentions are simple ones, intending to be kind, noticing the good parts of a day, being grateful and seeing miracles. Carrying our faith not a permit to judge others, but a supportive ray of compassionate hope that lifts us all equally. Together our simple intentions for peace can become the lived experience we all aspire.