The Inner Wild

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

There are moment when the inner call for freedom sparks a light within and we call it passion. It calls forward thoughts of beauty, glory and guts. With easeful ideas dancing to peak interests into action. Creativity lurks beneath the slumber of a docile warm couch and a sedated tv remote.

Each day we are met with the challenge to let our inner wild lead the way. Instead of turning to routine in the safety of the known. This steals the unique ability within the unexpected to come forward and dazzle with the unknown. It is a choice to be open to the innate instinctual nature inside of us.

We walk about our day within painted walls and level floors. Navigating a different type of wild through a technological wilderness. Our strength now measured by resilience and the ability to endure endless distance in a virtual world. We have welcomed a new form of survival while shifting with the world's environmental changes.

Now we must look deeper to find what has meaning. Reflecting our light out to others as connection and ignition for those wavering in the shadows. The light within our hearts that sparks passion comes through many windows of the soul. At times unexpected and unusual almost a curiosity that sprouts into new life.

We must allow time to recognize our interests, delights, to ask questions and to simply observe. This activity of paying attention to ourselves within our world and pondering our interactions with it, feeds us. It is our soul's opportunity to offer us a pathway to nourishment.

What we notice often speaks to what we need to reflect and integrate. There may be a theme that appears, or a repeated message that seemingly keeps arriving through conversations or thought patterns. Processing inspiration takes time to integrate. Each moment of growth has begun with a spark or flare of insight from which everything else grows.

It's easy to talk about our wild side and think that it means bad behavior or unsocial conduct. It might turn out that way. Most of the time it's not that way at all. The wild in us does call us to be unyielding in our authenticity. To be free enough to let the unexpected within ourselves arrived welcomed, even if cautiously.

Many people are uncomfortable unleashing themselves for fear of the ever present judgment of others, or perhaps from themselves. We all grow accustom to roles, image, and social ingrained expectations of cultural normalcy. This conformity appears to be one of the primary reason we are all culturally asleep to our own creativity.

So, what is it that stirs the sleeping wild to awaken? Can it be summoned like a tame beast? I think not. True wildness cannot be commanded into service, nor would temptation rouse it. Only an authentic roar from within the deep recesses of our wild essence itself produces the pounce.

The driving energy raw with power that presses creation into form arises from pure authentic interest. It cannot be denied. It might build slowly waking up to a repeated sparkle that finally catches hold our attention to settle into contemplative awe.

Once our inner wildness announces its presence, we become explorers. Each of us learns to navigate our inner wild as no two paths are exactly alike. Wildness within our psyche has unique coloring specific to each of us. For each of us, it honors the ability to be ourselves. Granting permission, claiming and reveling in the unfolding authentic self.

It may be startling to see and experience the non-homogenized version of ourselves. How often do we allow ourselves the luxury of not conforming, even from our own habits? We evolve from the newest that is offered to us, by taking our place in wonder and honoring what we can observe about ourselves.

Simply observing our inner dialogue, or emotional response within the body can give the clearest insight. As we pay attention to ourselves, we are inherently validating our inner worth. We can find a comfort level even among the broken pieces within to find the treasure that will awakens us anew. It is this gentle observing that allows the creative expression space to demonstrate.

Longing for that free spirit within is a start. It is that deliberated idea that is announcing something bigger. We can make space for ourselves which triggers an expansion. All creativity presents the opportunity to explore. Unleash creative expression and see how contagious that inner fire spreads passion for what we are wild about.

We must take our creativity as a source that can inspire that inner wildness to live. Blessed as we are with all this world has in it, simple and true built for paradise not to be missed. Next moment could be the one that tests the limitless potential stored inside the soul's desire.

The invitation is one way to acknowledge this part of ourselves. Another is to recognize what we have already put aside that longs to be celebrated and reawakened. Our missing wildness might be laying in an old pile of should, would or could, left to be ignored while the stench of lost dreams fills the room. We must feed our wildness within with the fresh substance of our living dreams.

Today let yourself be led by the inner stirrings of unexpressed wild potential. Quietly and firmly invoke the inner wildness of your soul to speak loudly and clearly to your conscious mind. Openly observe where your attention is placed.

What's showing up to this invitation? Take it a step further by doing something creative, new or novel. Let spontaneous impressions guide you. What do you notice? What would love to be set free within? What is longing to be expressed?

As we touch that part of ourselves that is truly wild that's capable of transformative insights and striking truths, frees us. What may seem like a lazy reverie may be a quiet roar that's hard to be heard. Wherever that small light grows within to bring interest in discovering the unexplored aspects of you, follow it. It's the beacon of liberation calling the inner wild into form.

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