The Creative Edge

Creativity is an amazing gift within our consciousness. Through creativity we can launch into new careers, problem-solving through innovation, creating from passion to offer beautiful solutions while inspiring breathtaking art. Creativity is something that we all have access to within ourselves. It requires a certain alignment to begin that is usually understood as a passionate force that’s willed from within us to be known or demonstrated.

Artist, musicians, poets, engineers, chefs, and writers are, but a few areas where we see this passion bringing forth creations that attest to the creative edge being seen. Through these creatively inspired souls, we all benefit. Their innovative visons bless everyone and are often born from personal passions. When we follow our passionate sparks of creativity, it often connects to an inner power to see them completed.

We often hear creative individuals profess that they were simply following their passions or what they love, when answering how they’ve accomplished their work. Some acknowledge a force within that led them to follow an untrodden pathway to discover something they felt they always knew was meant to be theirs. While others seem bothered by a particular problem that will not let them rest until a solution is found. In each instance, it is an inner prompting that is acted upon.

How can we can find that passion or creative force within ourselves, and set it ablaze to demonstrate our own creative gifts? Finding our creativity might only be part of the equation. For creativity alone does not equal accomplishment. It is successful, when we are in alignment with our creative edge. The space within us that allows our passions to shine while being held with respect by our logical pathways to execute that passion.

The creative edge is that elemental force of consciousness that ignites the unknown into the known through the dedication of the divine masculine dancing with the divine feminine aspects within us. These two aspects within our consciousness, when in harmony produce the brilliance of creation that outshines all other productions made by feeble mental attempts of labor alone. When we have both alchemical elements activated in harmony, expressing as one united force, we are creating from our unlimited potential, beautifully strong and unwaveringly free to explore.

We each have aspects of the divine masculine within us, regardless of gender. The divine masculine is the alchemical inner force that demonstrates, strengthens, protects, respects, and wills to make things physically presence. It is the force within us that pushes for completion, protecting the idea diligently to make possible what is unseen to be seen. It supports, provides strength and respects that which is being created so that it can become real.

Equally, we each have aspects of the divine feminine within us, regardless of gender. The divine feminine is the alchemical inner force that demonstrates vision, mystery, inspiration, nurturing with courageousness the undreamt possibility to be understood. It is the force within us that ignites passion to make the spiritual presence felt, understood and valued. It teaches, consoles, dreams and fiercely connects that which is being inspired, so that it can become valued.

With each aspect in harmony, the divine masculine and feminine demonstrates within us as one force working in tandem. The creative edge is found operating in the flow of this union. It is with this extraordinary balance that we are able to dream the impossible, understanding the direction to make it possible. If, we are solely focused on driving our projects through hard-work or dedicated effort alone, we may reach burnout long before we find completion. If, we are so focused on our vision that we dream away hours without being able to take the first step, we will never find our visions manifested. We must have both aspects within working as one united force, balancing one another to make our creativity successfully manifested.

We may become out of balance by being too comfortable with one aspect within ourselves, either too goal driven, logically focused and action directed or likewise, out of balanced with too many great ideas and inspirations without a focused plan of action. It is important not to become overly depended by where we feel the most comfortable within our working styles. It is common to lean in one particular direction, either action-oriented or idea-focused. Finding a balance often leads to the right mix that allows us to enter into our creative work-flow that then helps us to find our creative edge.