Tending Soul Seeds

Each of us is born with unique talents, abilities and natural interests. Some of these abilities and talents burn brightly from the beginning of our lives. While others are discovered later in our development. As we experience life we come to learn about ourselves. We learn about our likes, dislike and most importantly, we learn how we are different from others. Learning about the uniqueness that makes us who we are, often leads to inquiry as to why.

The uniqueness that we discover in ourselves lead to the inner truth of the soul. The soul's truth represents our authenticity. Once we embark on the path to discover our authentic self, or essential sense of self known as soul. We begin to understand what is truly valuable, vital and life-generating for our unique soul's path. These truths become the soul seeds that help to enrich our experiences. This knowledge can enrich our lives by releasing fears through compassionate understanding and reflection. It can allow a sense of integration to take place where the self is filled with a feeling of wholeness and inner stability.

How we go about making this soul connection depends on how we chose to navigate our inner world. There are many ways to venture onto the path of inner discovery. Each has a specific way of encouraging growth. Each offering a certain kind of flavor, or special lens from which to view the inner world. Discovering what feels natural or has a sense of inner calling can be the first step on the path to self-discovery.

In my work I have seen remarkable discoveries happen. Some individuals found their hidden family history by reconnecting to an ancestral lineage practice within the process of using depth methods. This brought a sense of peace and wholeness while reclaiming awareness and strength. The potential for growth is limitless when actively cultivating the inner awareness. Depth work reveals the inner world and provides a gateway to engage with the essential sense of self, or soul level awareness.

Tending to the soul and cultivating that connection is a highly personal undertaking. There is no wrong way to approach this work. The only requirement is a desire to learn and willingness to be an honest witness to what is revealed. We tend with care those inner parts revealing the pathway to strength. Be encouraged to be vulnerable and uncover the truth that your heart is holding.

Soul navigation is a technique and also a journey that continuously rewards the seeker. Finding those important seeds planted to unfold our highest potential and greatest growth is a treasured gift of good fortune. Respecting those treasured intentions carried from a depth forward provides access to wholeness and healing. Each soul craves union with the fullness of expression.

Soul Navigation Basics

  1. Make space to hold the process. This means honor the intentions of listening to yourself during a chosen time you've set aside to do exactly that. Perhaps 30 minutes or an hour of uninterrupted time and space.

  2. Select a depth activity that will lead to insights and reflection. Such as, writing, journalling, poetry, doodling, crafting, beading, cooking, tinkering, acting, playing, composing music or reading. Any type of activity that allows the mind to be contemplative.

  3. Use the activity to be mindful of how your feeling, what your thinking and simple witness. This'll allow the mind to roam and reveal a soul quality reflection.

  4. Spend some time to reflect on the main gem found within the reprieve from daily activity. What was revealed that seems worthy of being held?

  5. Take the gift of insight and nurture it. Noticing how this empowers you. Perhaps strengthening a resolve, supporting a mind-set, or even inspiring a new direction.

  6. Its a good idea to keep a journal to document reflections while build a creative expression of your inner world.

Just like taking care of a seedling you've planted with attention and nurturing in a physical garden. We can care for the soul seeds planted to inspire growth, evolution, connec