Teaching Self-Care

Some of us have been blessed to grow-up with good self-care habits instilled from our parents. Self-care for most people is a new concept that focuses on the importance of healthy diet choices and stress relieving activities. It’s true self-care is about taking care of the body and mind for peek-performance and healthy lifestyle.

Self-care gives us the opportunity to process our experiences, gain support when needed, and assist us to transform our emotions and perceptions. We can learn how to gain balance, releasing heavier feelings through self-care practices. It is also about checking-in with ourselves and those we love, to see how we are experiencing our world. Self-care within family, helps to offer opportunities to receive support and process what we’d experienced.

This happens naturally as we released the tension from the day into the tub of bubbles, our minds release other burdens we’d not articulated. While sipping a warm drink and resting the mind, we find our emotions become free to lift off and gather our attentions. We each have a way to communicate to ourselves about what is best, if we listen by giving ourselves the right of way.

Self-care cultivates a way to understand ourselves. Self-care teaches more than just how to do something and why, it’s a way to understand better. Having awareness and using it to check-in with ourselves, opens the door to better health and less stress.

It affords us the option to take an overview, observing not as an attempt to critique, or judge progress, just to look for what is primary, what requires attention to feel more integrated. This overview has a way of revealing things that might appear insignificant and yet, insight changes our perspective.

Self-care gives us the opportunity to know what’s hidden within by processing it in a healthy and supportive way. This opens the pathway to integrate our experiences and to acknowledge when we need support. When we take good care of ourselves, we teach the value of self-care to others. It’s about recognizing and valuing ourselves inside and out by honoring what keeps us in balance.

For Fun – Thirty Day Challenge - Self-Care Ideas

1. Do a facial, instantly effect the mental state by relaxing the face.

2. Stretch the body, relax, and loosen each joint with gentle movement.

3. Soak in a warm bath.

4. Using fragrant oils to sooth muscles, recharge the mind, and open the heart.

5. Meditate.

6. Place flowers near your desk or bed.

7. Drink herbal tea blends to calm, inspire and recharge.

8. Tapping to recharge and reclaim peace.

9. Make a music playlist to lift spirits.

10. Do something nice for yourself.

11. Take a technology break and set limits.

12. Spend time in nature to recharge