Synchronicity 🔮 5 Ways to Align

The Universe is full of potential and unexpected perfection often witnessed through a sense of synchronicity. To tap into this way of perceiving the world, we can harness our natural intuitive abilities. We can cultivate our sense of intuition through many practical ways. Sometimes the best way to connect to our intuition is simply to pay attention to the subtle aspects of our daily lives. This doesn't require any particular special training. It only requires our attention to become aware of our surroundings and interactions. This perspective allows us to see in a new way with a feeling of being deeply connected to all creation through our consciousness.

In many spiritual traditions there are teachings that help to bring this message of connectedness to the forefront of training the novice to become a practitioner. These traditions all have a common framework that states that the universal current is flowing and active in all things. The second part of this is that we are to become mindful and honoring of that current of energy as it flows through us and everything around us. To help encourage this innate knowledge, practices and stories are shared. Yet the most profound practice is to become aware of everything, as if the universal Source were speaking directly to us. For intuitive people this will feel natural, for others it may take a small amount of adjusting to the way we view our surroundings.

As we cultivate this awareness, we can become more capable of letting ourselves be led by a connective powerful source of energy that runs throughout all of life. We become more compassionate and easeful in our actions. We learn to trust ourselves more, being capable of taking risks with wonderful results. As synchronistic experiences build a sense of being connected with a higher level of life's expression. The simple ways are always the best ways as they can be practiced without special performances and rituals. There are many ways to tune-in to our natural intuition.

Let's begin a practice that helps to support this idea of being in constant communication with the Source of the universe encouraging the ability to understand the messages. Keep in mind that there may be a unique development that makes it slightly different for you. This might mean that a special symbol arrives and repeats often that brings to mind a certain person or happens whenever you're thinking of that certain person or event. This uniqueness is prize-worthy in that it communicates a special message to you unlike anyone else as a demonstration of your own intuitive ability. It's the paying attention to the prompts from within that help to align intuition into a meaningful array of symbolic language that is useful and feels reliable.

Below is a list of five different activities to help spur this connection forward.

  1. Hearing certain words or phrases either spoken to you, overheard or that you keep sharing. Repetition is one way we may be led to pay attention to a specific message. This may also be through conversations, media broadcasts, movie themes, or topics that are overheard or being discussed by others. This type of synchronicity often births a message that engages a larger issue for review or introspection. Typically, this is something beyond feeling uplifted in the moment points more to issues about life lessons.

  2. Music that seems to be delivering a themed message is another way to see the Source bringing you confirmation through synchronicity. This can feel very aligned when you notice that they're singing about something that is directly related to your preoccupied thoughts. Especially, if you haven't chosen the music, but find it playing suddenly in a store or within earshot while in traffic playing from another car. Music delivers emotional data and can often reference messages to assist in bringing alignments within our emotional states.

  3. Images, symbols or visual themes within our meditations, dreams or even within waking awareness can reveal many messages that are unavailable to our logical thinking consciousness. Through our subconscious we can open up to insights and discover hidden directions to problem solve and gain growth potentials. These visual cues arrive in spontaneous ways that seemly drive a point homeward, usually within moments of inquiry. For example, you're wondering if you should trust that new relationship, if it's worthy of your time. Suddenly you notice on a passing billboard a large image of a giant timepiece with bold letters underneath that says always right. This could be reflecting a synchronistic message to trust that this is a timely relationship and it all right to proceed. These type of messages will be obvious to you as they will also have an accompanied feeling of awe, or sense of heightened awareness within the moment.

  4. Totems, also known as animal symbols, have been traditionally honored as revealing spirit messages. Based within an understanding that each animal has a special way of being with traits that are identifiable. All life being held as sacred offers a path to deeper reflection of our shared connectedness. This involves paying attention to animals that appear within our daily experiences. Keep in mind, this might not be an actual animal, like whe