Superpowers, Really?

Consciousness can be found throughout our bodies. Many think that when we speak of consciousness that we are referring to the mind, specifically the brain. The truth is that consciousness is informed through every cell in our bodies and is active continuously. We may not be aware of our consciousness, but our consciousness is always aware of us.

This mechanism that takes care of us to breathe, to get nutrients processed in order to continue to function, to be able to respond to stimulus. These are all representations of consciousness being aware of itself. Consciousness is profoundly precise. It is active in taking care of us as individuals and as a collective group. When we conceive that every part of us is aware, it changes the way in which we respond. We realize that we are never alone. Nor truly isolated as we are always in constant connection with the vibratory force of life we call consciousness.

Maintaining this awareness that we are connected to as a force that is aware of us. We become informed gaining a sense of trust in ourselves to navigate our surroundings and relationships. To begin thinking in this way means to allow for the senses (seeing, hearing, feeling) to be recognized as active informants. Each sense releases a cascade of information that rushes through the system inherently without need of direction. Placing awareness or paying attention to what is being felt, seen, heard, noticed happens in the present moment. That is the task to be mastered, stay present.

When paying attention to what is being felt. It is important to consider not just the physical simulation or sensitivity that is being experienced. It is also important to be aware of the somatic, emotional feelings that are present. This layer of awareness is very valuable. Using the senses to gather information about our situations, environments or even relationships can assure self-alignment with authenticity. Equally the senses can act as guardian to safeguard our experiences. By providing cues for safety and prevention of injury through warning signals. When we are in alignment, we feel good, easeful, relaxed, playful and curious. Then we're in the natural state of connection to our inner Source of consciousness.

While connected to the full spectrum of our experience. We can use that feedback from this connection to buoy our experience. This allows for that continued feeling of support and empowered action. We gain a sense of synchronicity. As events, meetings and relationships all begin to feel fluid even effortless. We receive what we need at the moment we need it. We meet an opportunity mastering a challenge with ease and grace. We may begin to feel a sense of having superpowers to resolve issues and complete tasks.

Taking it a step further. Once in the habit of pay attention to the information received through our senses, especially that extrasensory perception of energy and vibrational awareness. We can expand that ability outwardly to be applied to understanding not only our environment and ourselves, but also others. We become better navigators of life's experience as we are capable of responding with greater knowledge. It's an interesting phenomenon that when we allow ourselves to become cognizant of our potential. We begin to surpass it.

The felt-sense awareness that informs us is referred to as empathy. When empathy is elevated through self-mastery it leads to clairsentient abilities. Clairsentient is the ability to sense through the psychic apparatus of the body information gained through the vibratory signal at the level of the group consciousness. It means to have clear sense.

The felt sense is an example of the potential superpower within our field of conscious expression. When we align with this awareness we become more receptive within our surroundings and the underpinning factors of a situation. Empathy when cultivated becomes a tool that can be useful in understanding others. It can help to process the emotional baggage that may be accompanied with daily interactions. Which can be the difference between understanding compassionately and being blind to the situation.

Being empathic requires additional self-care. Empathic people often feel a sense of being emotional weighted down due to picking up too much from others, or from processing toxic expressions within their environment. It is like being a psychic dust mop that goes around pick up a little bit of everything they pass, not knowing what is their own and what is coming along for a ride energetically. It can be debilitating creating a feeling of depressed energy.