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There are many ways to come into wholeness as an individual. Sometimes the best way to wholeness is not a specific path, but rather a state of listening and tending of the soul. This approach allows for the essential sense of self to grow into fullness as the individual's expression of wholeness. When we work towards wholeness using special rituals or spiritual practices, we can find a heightened sense of self. It is by integrating our experiences and identifying the essential sense of self within the experience that gives an awareness of our connection to divinity within ourselves. That awareness then informs our sense of purpose and connects us to an informed power to act.

There is no shortage of opportunities to begin changing the course of your experience as soon as you let the Divine energy within you flow. We can attain this sense of fluidity when we are integrating our experiences. It returns us to our state of naturalness within our self-expression. We achieve authenticity.

This might seem like a lofty idea. Especially when under the intense influences of stress, old emotional patterns and limiting mental beliefs. This is why spiritual practices are so valuable. They offer a fresh opportunity to shift our awareness and connect to a different perspective. Most activities can be transformed into a spiritual practice as it’s in the approach that will define the activity and the outcome.

Spirituality is anything that brings you into alignment, connection and union with your essential sense of self. Those things that ignite your spirit and lift you up as though being lit by an incandescent light within are meant to be followed. They are feeding the soul's self-expression and bring an opportunity to explore. When we have tended to our inner worlds. It clears misalignments and removes old worn-out emotional baggage simply through bringing a different perspective.

The spiritual quest need not be boring, rigid, religious or even typical of other people's experiences. Gardening could be the spiritual church for one person, finding themselves while weeding. While another might find a mirrored truth reflected back from the soul in a deck of tarot cards or a newly discovered book. We might find our sense of self through any number of ways or activities. The important part is to look at what is pleasing and that feeds the soul. This creates a wonderful realignment of acceptance with a sense of inner supported self-worth. It's those activities that connects us to our inner pool of nourishment.

What nourishes us is obvious once we find it. It draws the attention to the inner brilliance that supports all our connections to those we care about and all that we aspire to be. It brings that amazing light that shine's within as a unique expression of you forward into the clarity of our experience. This process maybe look different for each of us. Some might feel sensitive and require a more isolated process within, allowing room for intense introspection or just uninterrupted focused attention. While others might need to interact and share into order to be witnessed and affirmed in their process, such as singing in a group.

It's supportive to create a variety of activities and practices to keep the spiritual exploration fresh and anew with the sense of inviting that spark to rise from within. Often, we can become stuck after a time unknowingly by simply repeating the same routine, falling into a stale state of disconnection in a practice that was meant to awakening. By giving ourselves the advantage to follow what feels right. We can avoid blocking our path. This means tending to the inner sense of harmony and wholeness.

Each day following the sacred out picturing that matches the promptings of the soul's journey within, from nature-center spiritual practices like vision questing to performing rites and specific prayers within a community, or returning to a childhood practice that innocently let you touch the Infinite. You decide. Each day by tending to what will take you deeper into an awaken awareness of how you feel, where you're at in this moment and what still requires resolve.

Here are a few suggestions of ways to seek out the spiritual nature within your activities.

  1. Explore what you feel and why during the activities.

  2. Take it further - What is your soul gaining from this activity? In other words, what do you feel is lingering with you from this experiences? Is there a story created by the participation?

  3. Remembering to stay focused within the activity can help to bring meditative awareness and increased attention to detail.

  4. Reflect on sensations of the task or activities to heighten awareness.

  5. Giving gratitude for gift received from participating in the activity.

  6. Reflecting on what challenges are found or what inspirations is uncovered.

  7. Where does the activity connect you - does it remind you of childhood and family memories? What treasure is within these connections that is sparked by the activity.

  8. What associations, or beliefs are created through the activity.

These questions prompt the mind to reflect. Raising the awareness to integrate experiences. While engaging in the investigation of what feeds us on a soul level and why. This process can be truly transformational. Each time revealing a layer of motivation, attachment and the elements of what brings wholeness. If, you don't feel that you have access to this type of experience, or level of reflection. Start with the questions above and be open to receive insight even if, it is a slow process.

Once you have created a habit of check-in with how you're feeling, a pattern of integrated wholeness will begin to form naturally. It will become easier to guide yourself out of stressful responses with ways to gain support to make wiser choices. The link you build within to the essential sense of self helps to maintain a balanced awareness to assist in maintaining wholeness. Many people think spiritual practices have a single goal of enlightenment, an understanding of an apex truth. Yet spirituality is really a choice to reflect that totality of wholeness, compassion and health within ourselves as we explore the mystery of conscious expressions.

We gather a greater wholeness of ourselves when we explore the inner avenues within emotions, memories, dreams, prayers, and reflections. It is the natural aspect of consciousness to expand when explored. As you determine to explore the things you love, consider reflecting a little deeper. Contemplate the finer qualities of what is being gained, learned or repeated for sensations of comfort and why. This spiritual introspection will deliver the informed guidance to facilitate integration into a sense of wholeness and inner peace.

Taking a moment to check-in to the spiritual aspect of our activities may have an unexpected uplifting and empowering effect. Helping to add a little more energy to complete tasks and welcome the new decade ahead! Plus, there's something magical that occurs when we look a little deeper into the consciousness that is flowing and guiding us. It reveals the divine spark as a unique expression of each person. I invite you to relax and see what magical connections are leading you into wholeness and integrated harmony this season and into a wonderful new decade!

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