Spelling ✨ through Words

I grew up hearing that every thought creates our reality. This seemed like a magical truth when I was little as I imagined all kinds of things that were being created through my incredible imagination. I spent a great deal of time thinking of wondrous impossible things that somehow were being born into reality through my thoughts. These were mostly incredible creatures and imaginary beings born from the good natured will of a small child. As I grew older, I learned that this truly was a magical truth. One of great power, especially when used with the potent focus of intentions.

Our thoughts are powerful for through them we are led to act. When we spend time in thought it is never wasted. Even in a daydream that is filled with revelry or fantasy is helping to secure a new form of consciousness for us to live, even if only in that moment. However, when we use our thought to direct us to make changes or to lift us upward to reach a goal, extraordinary things begin to happen. Perhaps it’s because we have unleashed the imagination within our consciousness through our thoughts and this propels us to discoveries within our unimagined creativity. It might be that by thinking in this way, our mind opens to perceive differently that bridges communications with others to problem solve. It might also be that within the mind we have tapped into a powerful aspect of ourselves that until then went unnoticed. What is certain is that through our focused thoughts we can conjure up amazing new dimensions of opportunity and adventure.

Our thoughts are very tightly bound to our words. If we speak a certain way it is because our thoughts and beliefs have paved the way. Our words betray what the mind has been thinking. This is because we use our words to express feelings, worries, fears, experiences, to share perceptions, daily news, give directions and to reveal our own thoughts. As we communicate, we build bonds linking us together and also tearing relationships apart depending on the words that we use. Words are just as powerful as thoughts in that they represent what to think or rather what we are thinking.

Thoughts are powerful and dare I say tricky. We can have thought patterns that assail us even when we are trying our best to reframe them. We might find that our thoughts run away taking us down into scenarios we'd rather not imagine. This is where our thoughts become less enjoyable but no less powerful. Whether we are enjoying our thoughts as in our daydreams or being distracted or worst with thoughts we'd rather not focus on, our thoughts must be monitored.

When you can control where the mind goes then you can control where you go. How often has a thought led to a place of depression or anger because they were allowed to ramp up unmonitored about a small thing that soon was snow balling into a big thing? This is only one example. Our thoughts have a way of directing us. I believe it is through our speech that we can guide our thoughts back to a place that serves us better.

With our words we can over time influence the thoughts we entertain. We can invite a new set of thoughts by speaking in a certain way that helps to alleviate stress. As we maintain diligence in our choice of words, we underscore the power of them to influence new patterns of thought. While creating new thought patterns we also build a foundation for a new perspective. We begin to see the world differently when we speak about it in a way that supports the view we are trying to cultivate.

It is through the simple and basic practice of choosing our words carefully that we gather control over our consciousness. With the practice of using words as a tool to direct our minds we unleash potential solutions and new growth. Through our words and then through our thoughts we discover the potential of our consciousness. We can then use our mental powers to create the world we experience and share with others.

When we think of the potential of our words to direct our thought it truly does seem magical. Especially when all thoughts are building our reality. Because as realize when I was younger whether or not that imaginary creature was real, within my experience for that time it was. Every thought does create a reality and sometimes those realities are out-pictured rapidly into our experience in the world. We tend to notice that which we are focused, and we speak about that which we think.

With the knowledge that our words can magically direct our thoughts and through focused thought becomes our reality. I invite you to use your words wisely. To create a little magic by placing a healing spell on your own mind by directing