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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Beginning a new year and a new decade has many of us preoccupied with considering the future. Some of these considerations may involve making new commitments, releasing old habits and changing routines. In the beginning we are swept up into planning the pathways to new goals. It feels fun to imagine the bright shiny new ways to solve old worn out patterns. Inspiration has us floating towards completion.

Staying connected to that passion that sparked the goal is vital. With the alignment of passion energy flows to help lift challenges. Passion ignites creativity and allows for problem solving tendencies to take precedence. It is fun and exciting to be in the flow of passionate purpose. It keeps the inner flame lit to keep going when the task list is growing heavy. Inspiration keeps us committed when tempted to compromise our goals.

Being involved in something that gives you a creative outlet can help to spur inspiration when routines seem limited by responsibilities or obligations. Creativity has a way of boosting our sense of confidence, often triggering innovative ideas and unleashing potentials. Getting in touch with our sense of creativity can be as simple as awakening inspiration.

There are many ways to become inspired. Sometimes inspirations arrives through an unexpected experience or where we'd least expect it. This is why it is important to be open to noticing what connects you to a sense of purpose. We can find inspiration spurred by those we love and those we dislike. Most importantly we can cultivate inspiration for ourselves through daily rituals. Simple practices that have the power to instill change.

What leads us to be inspired? This is a very deep question with undoubtedly more than one answer for each of us. Still, to ask what leads us to feel inspired, also reveals what we value. What matters to us? What connects us with a sense of purpose? What leads us to feel that sense of connectedness to feel authenticity? These questions will reveal what is valued and will help to foster inspiration.

When we connect to where we feel inspired, we have successfully found a life stream of energy rejuvenation for ourselves. A place to regain a sense of empowerment and joyous light to go forward continuing successfully on our journey. The way we feel inspired may depend on what we are looking to achieve. Inspiration might also change from time to time. What is important is to allow inspiration to be triggered.

Setting up support systems to gain inspiration is one way to insure you are staying passionate and having fun while achieving your goals.

Here is a list of support practices for inspiration:

  1. Begin each day with an meaningful quote, prayer or intention.

  2. Make a mental note of gratitude for the blessings in your life.

  3. Review your list of goals and intentions.

  4. Recruit a friend or family member to help cheerlead and keep you accountable.

  5. Subscribe to daily inspirational messages or groups.

  6. Join a supportive group for a collective good.

  7. Place notes, posters or messages around home/work that remind you to stay focused.

  8. Read positive news stories and share what you find with others.

  9. Write a list of what is inspirational to you. Review it.

  10. Journal about what inspired you during different times of your life, as a child, a teenager, an adult, or through the roles given, as a friend, parent, co-worker, sibling... Notice what evolved, changed or developed. Where has inspiration taken you?

  11. Ask others what inspires them?

  12. Create an playlist of music that empowers.

  13. Listen to audio lectures from motivational speakers.

  14. Join a prayer group or a dream circle.

  15. Participate in activities that promote well being and positive living.

  16. Make a list of 5 people that you feel gratefully inspired. What do they have in common? What inspires them?

  17. Scroll Messages on your desktop with inspired words or pictures.

  18. Subscribe to positive news or inspirational blogs.

  19. Read books, poems, letters and papers about what inspires you.

  20. Try something new....different lunch, alternative route, new activity.

  21. Listen to your own heart. What's inspiring you to be your best?

The best way to stayed inspired is to be connected to what makes you feel free and alive. The passion that arrives to get a project done often comes with an inspired awareness that spurs the actions to fulfill it. However, when there is no particular inspiration this too is a gift. Finding what is truly worthy of focused attention deserves to be inspirational. For without inspiration or a sense of passion, it is as though moving forward without a heart at the center to lead. This can sometimes serve as a validation that a particular project is not ready.

Inspiration assures completion through continued action. When the process seems stagnate. It's time to look for inspiration. To connect to the inner spark of divine creativity within. This inner fire is constantly accessible. By looking at what set your heart ablaze. Following passion that aligns with goals is powerful. Sometimes the success to complete big goals requires daily inspiration to fuel the connection to achievement.

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