Soul Tribe - a place of connection

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We often hear people talking about finding their tribe. And often, this means socially to connect with others where a sense of kinship and relatability is found. A soul tribe connection is one that extends beyond general interests into a sense of being seen and valued. It is a connection that creates a feeling of being supported and belonging. It is then with this connection, we feel we've found our tribe.

Lately, I've been considering the bigger picture of a soul tribe, one that reflects the whole of humanity. Specifically, how we are connected through consciousness to each other. How we can be empathically connected to the whole while sitting far apart and alone. And how that separation from others has heightened the connectedness that exists beyond our physical space.

We are all connected. We are all sharing in this experience as fellow humans living on earth. At this moment in time we are collectively experiencing our connectedness with each other. As a global pandemic presents a threat that has propelled us to consider each other and ourselves more carefully. This reminds us of our shared humanness and our influence on each other.

Within our human family there are some people we know well and other we will never know. With so many people and with all the different ways to connect, it is a marvel that we connect to those that we do. It seems to be a divinely orchestrated drama to teach and interact with each other in service to our own growth and expanded beauty.

We live each day in service to those we love and care. This is the connection that opens our hearts to explore the better part of ourselves. Sometimes it is a shared journey endured, or a path walked together to reach a common goal that binds us together. It is important to see who we have gathered into our circle. Our intimate circle is meant to contain harmony and equality through balanced wholeness.

These special connections bloom from the heart center, forming soul bounds through mutual alignment. It is a magical experience to notice all those special connections in our lives that encourage, support, inspire, love and guide us through each other. The gift empowers us through a soul strength retrieved through the connected grace of love and respect.

As we walk the soul's journey of our lives we may find not all soul connections are tribal connections. We may grow together side by side in parallel and not have the same shared goal. Not every soul connection is someone from our tribe. Just as not every soul connection is a soul mate. We connect on a soul level when we impart of ourselves over a shared journey recognizing each other's essential essence referred to as soul.

Many will cross our paths, at times sharing in our lives, others may jumping in and out without warning. It is important to remember that the blessings of these visits might be an invitation to look at that deeper level of ourselves to integrate empowerment. We can reclaim past achievements and knowledge through soul reunions. We may reminded of a notion that is carried in the shared awareness of another's soul memory.

How often do we feel a sense of knowing someone well on first meeting, or experience a level of expertise without training? Synchronicity can align us with the sense of being connected to the soul level of awareness. Where a sense of flowing with grace is as common as the wind blowing through the tree's leaves.

We recognize these experiences as a feeling of being home within ourselves. It is the soul connection that gives that solid feeling of knowing within an experience. It strengthens our sense of self without compromise as we touch our authentic being. When we are in this alignment are relationships shift to reflect similar expressions. Our authenticity builds the foundation for these deeper relationships.

As in any relationship we must honor ourselves, our truth and equally respect each other. Communication becomes easeful and more delightful when honesty is maintain within ourselves. Then we can easily share our truth without damaging others for it is born from respect and love that's built from our soul connection.