Soul Mapping - Integrating Wholeness

Have you ever looked around in nature and noticed just how amazingly detailed and intricately beautiful everything is in its design? The wing of an insect, or the blade of grass, wisps of fog, or a statue like rock formation near a wind-whipped tree that reveals nature's perfect order. Walking though nature can reset our inner rhythms through a meditation of noticing nature. Fallen trees, new growth on the forest floor, flowers, mushrooms, all perfectly spaced like a faery playground. This type of wonder can be cultivated, to open the mind in to wonder. To be able to ponder the idea of not knowing what you might discover.

This type of wonderment is the state we enter when embarking on a soul mapping journey. Soul mapping is the term I use to describe a process of deep introspection as a form of integration towards wholeness. Within the process the soul's map is read to discern important insights into purpose, presences and priorities. It is an opportunity to wonder into the mystery of ourselves to learn how to more fully express authentically.

Each of us is as wonderfully unique as each representation that we marvel at in nature, as unique as each sunset or snowflake. The special aspect within ourselves is something that is always evolving and growing as representative of the soul's expression to explore and discover. This unique light within us that sparks interest to follow specific pathways or aligns us with our tribe of like-minded individuals happens with recognition. As we tend to the unified awareness of our soul, we become more authentic and integrated in wholeness.

Recognition of soul alignment means being in sync with that aspect of ourselves that holds a connection to our highest potential, reflecting expectations within a sense of the eternal. This is a place of empowerment where the thought to act is aligned with purpose and power. Taking time to reflect on desires, goals, or wishes is not a new idea. However to create a soul map, is to incorporate beyond the memories and triggers, to witness synchronistic events and reflect on a deeper level of truth to reveal soul, or the essential sense of self. This process promotes integration into wholeness.

Consider that perhaps each seemingly ordinary interaction has some alignment within events in your life. Suddenly, each person, place, random occurrence begins to echo an elevated harmony all working together in divine agreement to deliver right outcomes for the soul's evolutionary journey. Looking with awe within our lives sometimes reveals aspects of alignment that we would have otherwise dismissed. We have all had those magical days when everything lines up with ease, grace and beauty. Can you find that alignment every day?

Even when we are not experiencing the ease and grace of a beauty day, we can find the alignment of grace beneath the surface of our struggles. When we change our perspective to reflect what is being achieved or how something is progressing, a purpose is demonstrated. This allows for energy to flow without resistance. Our struggles are often rooted in not understanding a purpose behind actions. Taking a soul's perspective may help to release attachment in favor of growth.

Soul mapping is not a difficult practice. Here are three easy steps to get insight about your own soul's map to begin navigating with greater ease and sense of inner support.

  1. Reflect about what is most important and why. What do you want insight about?

  2. Give yourself permission to receive insight. Remove any resistance.

  3. Be open to receive insight. Look for synchronistic events, conversations, dreams, or repetitive thoughts as clues to the solution or confirmations of insight.

Sound's simple? Reflect, ask and listen? It is simple and yet, it is also very complex. For to do this exercise well, you must release the idea of knowing, delay judgment, stay attentive to your environment and inner world while continuing to stay focused on the question you are looking to resolve. It is an intense mental practice of inner one-pointed focus. It is also an extremely beneficial ability for those who can master. As it can develop the power of discernment that activates a guiding principle within the field of mental activities.