Sacred Water- transforming practices

Water is a vital part of our everyday. It is the essence of all life on our planet. Water affords us many wonderful experiences that revitalize us. It allows us to care for ourselves and our surroundings. We hydrate, play, cook, bath, clean our homes, take care of plants and animals, all through the use of water. It is a substance that is more precious than gold. Truly we would not survive long without it. Often, we do not treasure it until we are without easy access to it or it becomes contaminated barring our ability to partake of it. This is why clean water is so precious as a resource. Water is life giving. It is sustaining us and is deserving of protection and reverence.

Beyond the most obvious uses water can also be used to open a special potentiality for transformation both in health and spirituality. With water we can transform from ordinary to extraordinary health and heighten awareness. If you know how to work with water energetically it can become a powerful tool for transformation. Scientist have found that water is a responsive substance. This means that water appears to be programmable to the intentions placed on it.

This works was made famous by Dr. Masaru Emoto who published his research revealing the essence of intention mirrored back in the water crystals under high amplification. He's research revealed that if you held water in a positive way the waters crystal emulated the structures of that positivity. He also found the same was true of negative intentions. This is not surprising. The ancient seers often practiced water therapy that helped to transform their consciousness allowing them greater visions to attain heighten states of awareness. With this knowledge it seems obviously that water is a substance that has a powerful quality to transform life beyond its common uses.

With this idea in mind, I would like to share with you a few easy ways to incorporate this power into your everyday practices. The first practice is a simple one. It is to begin to honor all water as sacred. We know that people trek to faraway places such as Lourdes or the seven sacred rivers of India. Other drink special water to take in the holy essence of their faith, often baptizing with sacred water. Why not make all water sacred? It is a choice to make. One that requires the individual to state for themselves. Once it is made access to the sacred is immediate. So, the first practice is honor all water as sacred.

The second practice is a little more involved, but no less disciplined. This practice is done when you wish to clear a specific energy vibration or to change a habit that has been stubborn to alter. Begin by collecting three containers of water each holding a gallon of water each. On the outside of each container write your intention. For example, if you are wishing to attract a new relationship, write LOVE on each of the containers. If you are wanting to lose weight, perhaps writing HEALTH on each one. To attain a greater level of spiritual awareness, write DIVINE ONE. If you are unsure of what you want to shift but want to try this practice write THANK YOU this opens the path for unexpected gifts. After you have created the containers let them sit in the intention for one day. Then begin drinking one contain through an entire day repeating to yourself the word of your intention while you drink the water. Continue with the second contain on the second day and the last on the third day. This practice has been known to shift energy rapidly.

Another practice is to prepare a bath using intentional energy. This is easily done. Once the bath has been drawn, before you step in, place your hands above the surface of the water. While holding your hands above the water say a heartfelt prayer of intention. If you are not sure what to say, speak from your heart with simple words of positivity. Such words to use would be, LOVE, HEALTH, WISDOM, GUIDANCE, PROTECTION, GRACE, ABUNDANCE, TRUTH, COMPASSION and BEAUTY. This practice has a way of building a framework to transform us by clearing away all that is not in alignment. Sacred baths have been used for this purpose for eons.

Yet another wonderful way to use water as a form for transformation is to recognize the water, we carry within ourselves. Practicing a mediation that calls forth the witnessing of the water within our bodies. Begin by taking a seated position, relaxing the body with eyes closed. Taking slow deep breathes, begin to focus on the fluidity of consciousness. See your thoughts moving across your mind in a flow of consciousness as though they are flowing water. Continue to breath noticing that the breath is like the ebb and flow of an ocean current. After some time, you may notice a buoyant feeling gained within the body with each inhale and exhale, as if floating in a sea of consciousness. With increased practice a transformative sense of a lingering awareness becomes consistent. I've found that when I return from this type of meditation things that would trigger stress seem to roll off me like water moving in a current. It seems to present a form of resilience from the practice.

Lastly, water can be used to help facilitate remembering dreams. The practice is simple to use but does require a period of time and consistency for it to take effect. To begin take a tall glass of water about 12 oz is good. Place the water near you on a nightstand. Before going to sleep drink half of the glass of water with the intention that upon waking you will drink the second half to help you remember your dreams. This uses water as a programming tool with your power of intentional thoughts. The water helps to designate your intention and acts like a cue for you to remember the dreams in the morning. This can be especially useful, if you have a difficult time remembering your dream and wish to begin a dreaming practice. If you are thirsty during the night, try to drink from a different water bottle reserving the half glass of water for the intentional exercise that you are using to remember your dreams.