Recharging Ourselves

It is easy to get buried in our work, or busy concurring a list we’ve made that we forget to take a break. Taking the time to step back and get outdoors, to walk without an agenda and to be free from the to-do list has a magical quality to it. We enter a time within ourselves free to contemplate and be with nature. It opens our minds up to creative thinking.

The trees, animals, flowers, even the way the water moves down a creek, can bring a certain sense of insight found lying around with the moss that’s overgrown. We gain perspective that allows us to dream, to play and become child-like in ourselves again, ready for adventure always. Sometimes we need to be reminded to step outside, it’s important to reclaim that sense of space within ourselves.

There’s something alchemical that takes place within our senses that calls us deeper into our primal wildness by going into nature. Simply by smelling the pine trees and feeling the moist earth beneath our feet, we are in communion with that force of nature. When going into nature, truly go into nature, remove what's in the way of feeling connected by taking off shoes and socks to let bare feet make contact with the earth.

Taking a moment to be in nature, absorbing the experience through all the senses. Deeply inhaling and smelling the air, trees, leaves, plants, flowers, being filled by their presence. Embracing a tree, holding a leaf, staring at some clouds, or making a connection with the beauty that surrounds us, all of this brings nature closer to the inner world that we inhabit. And then it lives in us as a bright oasis to retreat to at anytime.

Through nature we can find a part of ourselves becomes free, as when we consciously expand our awareness out into our environment as a witness presence. We can practice this by imagining being connected to expansiveness of a tall tree we perceive. And like the tree, we are feeling rooted and yet, reaching towards the heavens, letting our arms extend outwardly like the limbs of the tree. Taking it farther by letting the experience gently move our bodies as the sway of the tree in the wind, slowly moving with the breeze. The mind floating like the canopy of leaves. Through this sort of copy-cat-visualization, being one with a tree, we can transcend certain limitations to find a freedom within ourselves.

Being in nature is not to escape from being inside; by venturing out, we come to see inside of ourselves. Nature has a secret balm that helps to restore us back to ourselves. We can draw a sense of silence from the trees and a feeling of renewal in a sprout, all from a walk in nature.

Nature has so many expressions, the mountains, the desert, or green field filled with flowers, all of nature is a place to recharge ourselves. Some places may offer a unique vibrational energy that seems to call us, and when that happens, follow it. Our connections to special places in nature often call to us, to recharge ourselves, restoring to us a sense of empowerment.

Finding places that helps us feel connected to our center, with a sense of feeling grounded and safe, are special meditative places of power for us. It is a good practice to meditate in these places when we can, and even mentally returning to recharge ourselves when we cannot physically visit. We can remind ourselves of the energy vibration that we held when we were there, making it an anchoring point for building a positive energy field.

When we cultivate connections to nature, we can use them to recharge ourselves later even when we are away. It can be especially helpful during times of healing and crisis. In psychology, we use this technique to help instill a foundational vision for feeling grounded and safe by imagining a place of safety and happiness in nature. This practice is not just healing trauma or decrease stress levels, it is for everyone to enhance harmony and balance daily.

There are many ways we can work with nature to instill peace and harmony into our lives. We can cultivate our awareness of nature, even we cannot spend time in nature. When we are able to be in nature, making the most of it by enhancing our awareness of our surroundings. Another practice is using the elements in nature to inspi