Power of the Prayer Warrior

Prayer is a powerful act that goes beyond any religious affiliation. This is because the act of praying is an individual act of faith. It is our opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the divine in our nature. Prayer is a pathway covered in miracles.

True prayer is the connection to ourselves, our true powerful conscious selves. Within our consciousness we have the power to perform unbelievable feats. The magic that cascades from our prayers tumbles off the words we invoke.

To speak words in prayer is more than repetition. Powerful prayers are built with awareness, a clear focus of intention unwavering in the knowledge it is already so. The awareness of energy that arose to bless within the intention to pray is the confirmation it is coming into form.

Each time we are inspired from within to act, speak or become something, it is the ignition of the very energy to makes it a reality. Forming our prayers with the knowledge that they are already granted.

It’s the knowledge that the fruit is in the seed, just as the seed is within the fruit. They are one and the same in nature. The appearance as the seed is the demonstration while the fruit is the celebration of that demonstration. It’s the same with prayers. We demonstrate our seed of faith while celebrating timelessly as it’s already present although, unseen.

Prayer is often found within religious institutions. Many people have found that traditional religious practices they grew up with, do not hold passion for them. Some yearn to have a powerful connection to their spirituality that seems to be missing in their religious practices. Some have spent hours reciting prayers with little attention or feeling where its mostly routine.

There are different reason or even different times, when we may have fallen away from our true inner power. It’s this power that rests within the one who prays that matters. It is not so much the prayer that is recited that carries power. It is the person who holds the intention within the prayer who wields the power.

Everyone has the opportunity to pray, even without any formal religious training. It is one of my favorite things to teach, because it is an instant gift for everyone. Prayer work benefits everyone as it lifts the spirit to a higher octave of awareness. Within the collective that vibrational shift helps to lift the energy of those we pray for as well as those around us.

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when we pray. I once read a study about the power of prayers on individuals. The study had three groups. The first group of individuals was prayed for by others and were told that they were being prayed for by others. The second group was prayed for by others, but was not told. The third group was a control group that was not prayed by others.

The study revealed that a mark improvement within both groups that were prayed for by others over the group