Power of Positivity

Focusing on the things you like builds positivity.

There are many times when positivity can shift our consciousness to allow for greater joy, health and happiness. Sometimes positivity arrives because everything is lining up during our day and we feel joyful. There are also times when we are presented with challenges and it is then that positivity can truly be life altering.

Whether you are having a good day or a bad one, choosing to become positive can shift the way you experience it. Just by looking for the good, the mind changes the focus to redefine our experience. If it's a good day adding positivity will elevate that day to be even more amazing. If the day is not so great, adding a positive mental posture can make it better and perhaps even into a good day. There are many different ways to bring positivity into our lives.

Some are simple and others take some cultivation and practice.

Here are a few techniques to build a positivity tool box to use in your life to make good days amazing and bad days better. The idea is to remember you have an infinite resource within you that can shift your experience immediately through the use of your conscious focus. Try and exercise these tools often, so when you need them to lift yourself or others they will be readily available to use.

First is the power of gratitude to build positivity. Being grateful shifts the mind to a state of appreciation that helps to aligns us with what is good and positive. This is a fast and easy way to create positive energy immediately. Finding reasons to be grateful can help shift challenging experiences to create solutions. Sometimes this requires remembering that although things might have gone wrong there's still something to be grateful. Even unpleasant events hold within them moments of clarity that sheds light onto the matter for which to be grateful. Perhaps, that light is that help was received in someway, or there was an opportunity to learn. Gratitude can be a simple recognition of your presence, health, friends, nature, the ability to be alive and breathing. Focusing on gratitude can build a positive muscle in the mind that creates a certain level of resilience to stress.

Secondly, naming things that you like. Focusing on those things that you are attracted too will build a positive mindset. Simply start with making a list of things you like, such as types of food, music, activities and special people that you care about. When we allow ourselves to focus on what we like and admire we become tuned into a positive frequency. It's an easy exercise and one that we may have forgotten to focus on. Ask yourself often 'what do I really like; to do, to see, to have, to share'. This builds a deep inner connection within the self that initiate positive integrate of wellness and balance through authencity. It's also a fun way to share positivity by asking others the question to find commonalities or discover new things to enjoy.

Lastly, practice saying the word 'yes'. The act of affirmative speech can be very liberating. For instance asking questions about things that you dreamt of doing and answering 'yes' sends positive programming to the mind. This type of supportive inner dialogue helps to bring those goals into view in a way that activates inner support along with problem solving consciousness that can help make those dreams a reality. Focusing on the opportunity to say 'yes' allows you to entertain possibilities by opening up to positivity. It opens the doors and grants permission to explore. This can be a challenge if you've grown up hearing 'no' to many of your desires. Begin to say 'yes'. 'Yes, I can be happy.' 'Yes, I can have great health.' 'Yes, I can follow my dreams.' Give yourself permission by practicing and saying 'yes', even if it's just saying the word a few times- 'yes, yes, yes'. See how it shifts your experience into a more positive mindset.

Positivity is an ability to see things in a perspective that free the mind to resolve issues and discover opportunity. Let yourself cultivate this mindset by remembering to practice gratitude, focusing on the things you like and saying 'yes' when it's right. These simple additions to your mental toolbox will assist in creating more positivity in your life. With practice it becomes easier to handle stress and uplift the spirit that leads to great expanded expressions of consciousness. So I invite you to take a moment think about what you're grateful for and all the things you like and say 'yes' to something that will bring more light into you life. Enjoy all the positive vibes that this will shower down on you! Here's to staying positive and finding the power in it!