Paradise Found

Updated: Apr 5

Deep within each of our souls echoes a place we’ve always known, a place of contentment and abundant tranquility and happiness. This is a place that we reward ourselves with when we’ve achieved a goal, completed an important task, or where we retreat to when we need a long overdue rest. It is a place we carry within our hearts as a place we love, and within our thoughts as a memory cherished. It never fades, and nothing can dimmish its alluring attraction.

We often forget we have such a place to call our own, that is unique to each one of us, a place of reprieve and secret bliss that refreshes us unlike anything else. This sacred place that we carry within us that we can retreat into whenever we command our attention to do so, is not a far away place. Although, there are many times when life puts us through grueling events and episodes of our life path making us forget that such a place ever existed in the first place. We grow out of touch with what we carry within ourselves, focused solely on the outward perspective of getting things accomplished or numbing ourselves through mixed company of other forgetful companions.

Fortunately, we can reclaim our knowledge almost instantly which grants us an all-access pass to walk back into our calm, contented place of beauty and inner nourishment. We can reconnect to our inner paradise, the world of fulfillment already attained that grants us permission to allow our truth, our value and our divine right to live in abundant health to be recognized, and even celebrated once again.

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when we act through the energy of assumption, it literally claims that out-picture of the energy to arrive at the physical. It is that same old adage that states we gain what we focus on, or create what our mind dwells upon. The only difference is that by acting through assumption we have embarked upon living it already. This finite detail makes all the difference in manifesting our visions into a physical experience, because our consciousness is activated through the experience we are engaging.

This might sound intriguing and yet confusing, how does the experience which is played within the mind through an active assumption lay the groundwork for the physical representation. Ponder this notion, the consciousness that is actively engage within the experience in the mind is not separate from the potential consciousness that will be experienced once the experience moves into a more physical dimension. This is because the act of being conscious of the event is the same, whether within the mental realm or the physical realm. Our logic tells us that there is a difference, and that knowledge can keep the two experiences apart or pull them together, depending on how we hold our mental space.

There is a simple pathway to our paradise, it is understanding first and foremost that it is possible through a clear awareness of what that means to us. We must know what paradise means to ourselves, before we can expect to find it by claiming it through our assumption that it is real by the divine right that we each hold within our conscious power. Only then, when we are clear enough to consider, concentrate and suppose that nothing less is worthy of our contemplation does it arrive for us unblemished by anything other than this truth.

We have a special ability to demonstrate our belief, claiming and calling forth their essence into our lives to be shared. The key is how well we are able to coalesce our emotional intelligence into feeling it is real enough to assume it’s already true. With this, we capture what we wish and desire not by demanding, or fighting against ourselves objecting to what is appearing, but rather resolving to acclimate without resistance to that which we are inviting into form.

We are in essence practicing a form of surrender by yielding to that which is, without trying to claim creation. We are not trying to change anything, even though things will change through this practice. It happens by our assumption, acceptance and alignment with what is already present, yet unseen. Our paradise is not only a state of mind, but a lived experience when we entrust ourselves to live its truth.

We are not forcing anything to happen, but rather are surrendering to the force within us to come forward into an expression outwardly, by maintaining its presence within our awareness inwardly. Some have called this practice acting with the law of assumption. We can only yield, or conform to our experiences, as all our experiences manifest through our assumptions. Becoming conscious of those assumptions and using this alignment to serve our greatest good is within our ability to do so.