Opening Possibilities

We are born filled with wonderment, potentiality, and a desire to explore. As we grow, our minds absorb everything the senses perceive. We appear divinely designed to learn with an incredible efficiency. And all our lives, we will continue to learn. However, this is largely dependent on the amount of interest we maintain in our world.

It may not seem obvious. In order to really learn something, there must be a keen interest. It is true. The things we learn that do not really interest us are quickly forgotten. So, interest leads us to learning and learning drives us to be interested.

What does that truth reveal when it is applied to what you have learned about yourself? This is a very deep question. It is not just about what interests you in your life or what you wish to learn. This question is seeking to discover the value of learning about oneself.

In other words, how do you keep interested in learning about yourself? This is different than asking, what do you find interesting about yourself. Looking to discern what you or someone else might find interesting about you, may help fill out a dating profile. It will not lead to deep reflection that aligns with soul growth and potential attainments.

Discovering ways to learn about ourselves at a soul-level awareness happens when we are continuously interested in our perspective within the present moment. This is the alignment of soul with physical presence. It is where authenticity is recognized that allows the opening of possibilities. Inner inspiration arrives by honoring that perspective. We can follow inner spontaneous direction and try something new.

Following that spark of interest might lead to mastery of a whole new aspect of self. The concert pianist, artist, winemaker, chef, world-class maker all start by being present in the moment with a spark of interest. Within each moment is an unlimited open channel to the Source.

The potential within ourselves will always outshine that which is sought outside of ourselves. Because the potential within is destined, its alignment is one with the unity of divine design. We can only claim this gift by granting attention to that which sparks our interest. We hold the gifts we seek because we are the gifts we seek.

When we feel drawn, curious, or even strongly reactive to something it reveals there is more to discover, both about the subject and more importantly about ourselves. This can require an investment of time and energy. There is no better investment that those activities that lead to integrated wholeness.

Remembering, each step within the process is the opening of possibilities. Each moment holds the opportunity to check-in, reflect, allowing the experience to inform the depth of meaning being demonstrated. What insight is lifting burden? Is there something new that changes perspective, offers compassion, or releases attachment?

Sometimes, it isn’t so much the continuous inquiry into the process, as much as simply being mindful. The idea of mindfulness within the process means to remain a witness to the process. Allowing a relaxed state of awareness to be maintained helps to provide a focused, creative and open approach within the process.

Discovering hidden talents, making new friends, learning about likes and dislikes, leads to healthy integration and strong self-awareness. Opening up to the possibilities around us is an amazing choice that can lead to new experiences. Opening up to the possibilities within our experience is life-altering as it leads to an enlightened awareness of ourselves.

Here are a few ways to stay open and expand awareness within our experiences.

  • Scanning the body for somatic expressions will inform about deeper level responses to the experience. An example, when you feel slight sick to your stomach on seeing a certain person approaching and then having the feeling validated when they arrive with bad news. Paying attention to physical sensations, also known as somatic responses, can assist in revealing inner wisdom.

  • While we are engaged in an activity, we often become engrossed in the experience. Taking a moment every so often to step back and observe the situation can be very useful. This is more than just standing back to make a judgment. It means to stand back and observe as though watching without judgment.

  • Allowing things to be seen without the previous associations. To allow fresh eyes to look, as if to drop all previous associations and look with a new perspective. This actions of releasing previous notions opens to see everything even the things we think we know freshly. There is freedom found in seeing without judgment, as it grants access to truth.

  • Listen to what is calling your attention. Lyrics, conversations, sounds and tones can have a triggering effect to shift attention and awareness. By paying attention to what is being heard often adds to a sense of synchronicity within exploration. This can be especially useful when contemplating a certain issue to problem solve. Often a serendipitous solution will arrive through an auditory clue or synchronistic event.

  • Lastly, remembering that we are already mastered at being connected to ourselves. We are us, already. Divine design is complete, already. The task is about alignment for greatest beneficial experiences that come out of being fully aware of being connected, already.

Opening up to our potential unleashes unlimited possibilities. Remember, there is no reason to feel challenged by the unknown. Please put everything aside -- everything that potentially limits staying open to noticing what the universe is presenting. Each day is new filled with unimagined experiences that are waiting to happen.

Staying rooted to genuine interest within inspiration helps spurs awareness. This also triggers actions. We are given the energy to follow an idea to completion, the moment we are inspired. It is being ready to respond to interest that leads to creative genius. By staying open to being inspired.

I encourage you to entertain the possibilities found through being open to infinite potential as who you are already. Seeing what wonderful spark of creativity, adventure, innovation, solutions and unlimited fun the universe has planned. Let’s spark that creative edge and see what’s possible. Remember, stay open!

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