Ode to the Sage Bath

One of my favorite things to recommend to others as a useful remedy for relieving general melancholy and to uplift the spirits is the taking a sage bath. It has the magical qualities that help release all manner of sorts that ail the spirit. Sage is a sacred plant that is revered for its healing and clearing properties. It is a natural gift that is both easy to grow and wonderful to cultivate as a plant companion.

Many traditions use sage as healing plant medicine that is used in cooking, as well as, to clear environmental spaces. There are many different varieties of sage, some are useful in cooking while others are best for magical purposes. Silver sage is one variety that is often used during ceremonies by native Americans and indigenous elders to make offering to Spirit in forms of prayers and sacred offerings. Medicine workers use it to clear their patients from inner demons and emotional wounds. It has a long history that tells of magical transformations that renew the spirit, leading to visions of how to walk in alignment with our higher calling.

It is not an accident that I was taught early in my life of the blessings of taking a sage bath. It came to me as a teaching to share and one to use regularly to maintain good psychic health. It is a simple remedy, but its power is unmatched to reclaim an inner calm restoring clarity and peace to the soul. It has become popular as a commonly known remedy for smudging to restore harmony to living spaces, as well as, to bestow house blessings in new homes.

Silver sage is also known as board leaf, or white sage which can be readily found in most health food markets and new age stores. It is beautiful as a live plant where it helps to support an environment with clear protective energy. It grows naturally in the high desert areas, but will accommodate any garden even potted patios when tended with love, care and respect. It is a powerful plant ally.

Making a sage bath is simple. Take a handful of dried leaves and place them into a 5 quart pot of purified water bringing to a boil, then reducing to a simmer for a period of twenty minutes to create a darken tea. Strain the tea into a bath, making sure not to let the leaves into the tub or they’ll block the drain on releasing the water. Once the bath is made, place your hands above the water setting a prayer of gratitude and intentions. Each bath has the potential to release us from heavy emotional baggage and unneeded mental constraints through the magic of this sacred ceremony.

This practice draws on the same knowledge that has been used throughout time by many varied groups of medicine people and shaman. It draws on the agreement that is made between man and plants to work together to form powerful medicine to heal those who are open to it. It is so powerful that any individual may uses this practice without years of formal training as an apprentice, or as an understudy to a priest, shaman or curandero.

Plants offer us pathways to worlds that we often overlook within our modern quest for fast medicine and easy convenient cures to all that ails us. It is the old ways that brings us back to ourselves through a gentle knowledge that remembers to honor all life while respecting the intelligence that linger in everything. Through these daily wellness practices that relieve stress, managing our immediate imbalances, we become free from the things that create disease. Maintaining health is often easier that regaining it. However, anytime we begin to take care of ourselves, we become more vibrant increasing our longevity and strength.

I encourage you to take advantage of indulging in trying this practice of creating a sacred sage bath to heal by facilitating restoration of the soul and body. It’s often reported that the skin feels softer, the soul feels lighter and our mind seems to find greater clarity to begin again. Bathing is a wonderful practice to restore ourselves. Water in itself is an amazing conduit for energy. As a practice performed weekly, we may gain a chance to go deeper into our connection with ourselves. Enjoy this sacred gift, as that’s what it’s meant to do, be enjoyed!

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