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Nature gives us a wide variety of ingredient to make nurturing, soothing and uplifting remedies. This is the time of year when practicing a little extra tender care can help boost immunity and strengthen mental health too. Daily calming rituals can be just the key to successfully avoiding stress through the busy holiday social season.

There are many ways to incorporate self healing practices that require only a little prep in making sure you have all the ingredients on hand. Some practices are simple like brewing a cup of tea. Others require creating concoctions to use later in baths or sprays. Most important is taking the time to practice the art of self care. All the home recipes below are easy and fun to prepare with loved ones. The teas sashes especially, make great gifts.

For Wellness

There are so many tea recipes that can help boost immunity and help with any number of ailments. I thought I would share with you a recipe that was given to me. It's a magical cure. Also, I seem to be giving it to everyone lately. It is an amazing remedy that seems to work for colds, chest congestion and sore throats. It is a strong concoction that's made with ginger and cayenne. It may be a little bit of a challenge to drink due to its spicy nature. However the benefits are truly outstanding. I strongly encourage you to try it as an easy home remedy, if you have no objections to the ingredients. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new health regime.

How to make the magic ginger-turmeric-cayenne tea:

  1. Cut a 1/2 of inch of fresh ginger and pound in a mortar and pestle then add to a 2 cups of water and boil for 20 minutes.

  2. In a cup place the following: 1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric, large pinch of cayenne pepper.

  3. Strained boiled ginger tea into the cup with turmeric and cayenne. Add some honey to sweeten.

Milder version, Ginger + Lemoil the fresh ginger for 20 mins and then add a little lemon juice and honey only. This might be better for young ones and those with sensitive stomaches or palettes who prefer less spice.

For Soothing and Restful Sleep

There are herbs and flowers that can sooth sleeping patterns just by having them close to our beds. Lavender is favored for its soothing and calming effects. Using sleep pillows filled with lavender or even just placing some lavender inside a pillow case to create a more calming influence to rest. Other herbs that help to calm are chamomile, mint, rosemary and rose petals. These can be combined in bathes or made into herb pillows or eye pillows. Chamomile, rose and mint make a lovely calming tea.

Essential oils can be a nice alternative to dried herbs. Add them to spray bottles with water and spritz to refresh. Essential oils can also be used with oil diffuser. Lavender is especially good in a nursery or bedroom to promote calmness.

For Increasing Mental Awareness

Mint family herbs are often valued for the ability to create alertness and mental acuity. Peppermint tea has a calming effect that also allows us to remain mental alert. This can be helpful when studying or wanting to be alert without caffeine. Using rosemary, mint and eucalyptus in a bath works to stimulate circulation recharging the body and mind. Alternatively, using citrus may feel stimulating and uplifting when added to baths. Essential oils such as lemon, mint, cinnamon or lemongrass are often used to stimulate productivity in offices or living spaces.

For Fun and Healing

Our sense of smell can help to heal and soothe us in a unique way. Without a lot of training we can use our noses to connect with a soul level awareness that confirms for us what we like. Knowing what we like can lead us toward finding a more integrated expression of our wellness. We gain support just by noticing what resonants with us.

Consider how you feel when you smell different scents. Be curious and discover different herbs, flowers and essential oils. Sometime we can be led to what support us through noticing what we are naturally drawn to or enjoy. For instance, orange may encourage feelings of optimism or energizing emotions. While vanilla may feel more warming, cozy and settled. Pay attention to what you like and why.

Each of us has a natural way of connecting to what will support us best. Don't be afraid to explore and discover what draws you near. Allow the connection to be a unique pathway to wellness. Perhaps it's a certain vegetable that's craved or a flavor that is desired. Follow the inner lead. Self care requires paying attention to those leads and following them. Remember to use small little ways to enhance support; a cup of tea, a relaxing herbal bath, a scented pillow before bed, or spritz when on the go. Herbal allies have strong effects on us especially when used with mindful intentions.

Home remedies are natural ways to boost wellness. Always research and use best practices for acquiring plants. Flower essences or essential oils may provide ways to work with certain plants that may other wise be difficult to cultivate.

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