Making Good Choices

Our world is filled with choices. There are so many choices that making good ones might sometimes feel like a challenge. This is especially true, if we have lost track of our own center. When we are connected to our inner value, self-worth and authenticity, making choices becomes very easy. This is because our choice is already made, to do what is right for us, what honors us, and makes us shine without any compromise to that truth.

Growing up, we are often taught to be considerate of others, to be nice, or to act a certain way. We are given expectation of what we aught to be doing and rules that we must follow. Many of these rules are indeed for our own good and help us to develop in a safe manner. However, as we continue to develop into young individuals, we come to a point when our own sense of self gets stronger and we have a better understanding of our individual preferences and styles. This self-awareness is a vital part of our individuation process as it grants us a sense of our autonomy.

To know ourselves with a clear awareness of what it means to be ourselves is a big accomplishment. It entitles us to a knowledge that no other person can give to us. It aligns us with our soul’s presence and facilitates our journey to grow and evolve. Without this understanding we are essentially lost, a ship without a course and no compass to assist us in finding our direction. Knowing who we are is one of the essential truths, remember it was written in antiquity as ‘know thyself’. This wisdom is really valuable.

When we walk through our lives without a clear picture of who we are, or rather who we are becoming, we are lost not only to ourselves, but to the world around us. We cannot claim what is for us, nor can we deny what isn’t right for us. We linger in a limbo space waiting for something to change, yet nothing outside of us can trigger that awareness. The expression we are searching for arrives from within the depths of us, sometimes sleeping through our days and preoccupied during our nights.

Finding ourselves requires gently listening to how we feel, and why. At times, letting go of that we’ve become comfortable with or used to, in order to clear a space for something new to arrive, ourselves. We can break free from many things when we give ourselves the mental space to contemplate in silence. The space required for self-discovery is never wasted, no matter what we temporarily fill it with through our exploration to find our center. We can embark on self-exploration in many different ways, each is uniquely capable to assist us in learning about who we are becoming.

One way to become clear about who we are as individuals, is to look at what we enjoy, what we like helps to show us what our hearts are gravitating towards. We can also look to see the opposite and find clues, showing us what we no longer want, need or desire within our worlds can be an obvious answers about what’s most important for us through the process of illimitation. It also important to remember we are ever-evolving and what felt right or okay for a time may have changed for us now. We may have out-grown certain aspects of our lives and leaving them behind is a natural progression that deepens our sense of authenticity.

We can never fail ourselves when we genuinely listen to our hearts and follow what we feel is best for us. It is important to listen, taking the time to reflect on what’s going on for ourselves allows us to be available to others and to continue to grow through health and harmony. When we are connected to our truth, we can easily chose that which is best for us, which often times is also best for those we are involved with because we are honoring the truth. No one benefits from being manipulated or lied to, especially ourselves, truthful awareness and compassionate understanding liberates everyone.

Once we are clear about who we are, standing in our sense of truth, honoring our authenticity, we become empowered and vibrant. We can make choices that sustain our visions and support our loved ones. We can work towards our goals without losing sight of ourselves, keeping a balance awareness of our well-being. It is the strongest place to stand within our lives and it is easiest when we honor it continually through mindful contemplation and gently awareness by listening to ourselves daily.

Creating the habit of pay attention to our inner signals, letting our bodies and thoughts inform us equally, we become much more aware of what doesn’t sit well with us, making us capable of correcting or tending to those issues at hand immediately. We can enjoy our sense of freedom and exploration without being held hostage to entanglements that do not serve us through this constant gentle awareness. It’s the other piece of wis