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Creative expression has a powerful way to transform our moods. When we can give ourselves space to explore without judgment, we are offering a space to soothe ourselves. Making art whether playing with clay, paints or simply scribbling with a crayon, can offer a reprieve from stress. Creativity is a natural and effective way to lifts the spirit. It even has the potential to heal old wounds. All it requires is the openness to try.

Perhaps, this is because creativity offers freedom that accepts everything as an unexpressed potential. Within creativity, we can unleash the heaviness of fear and worry by entering a state of playfulness. When we enter into a creative state of mind, we enter into acceptance. This acceptance stems from creativity’s willingness to be messy.

True not all creativity involves making a mess. Yet, true creativity does seem to stem from a form of chaos. And within that state of accepted chaos, we find inspiration, innovation and often relief. Creativity prepares a space for us to leave our unfinished ideas. It allows us to blow off steam and just let go.

Sometimes, if we’re not in the habit of making art, it can feel challenging. Even, if you label yourself as a creative person. Creativity can help offer a release of tension. Taking a pen to paper with the idea of allowing can draw out the deepest of emotional releases.

It’s important that within this acceptance, we also allow the mess. I find this to be a key ingredient within the process of stress relief. Because if you can let go in acceptance of the mess that may come along, you can release the need for control and perfect order. This has a way of freeing the inner dimension of the mind in other areas of our lives as well.

When we can be comfortable with things being messy, we can relax in other ways too. Perhaps, this is an even bigger challenge than just drawing a picture. Letting things be out of place, even for a little while can create stress for some. Yet, coming into an acceptance of a little chaos in our lives can be a harbinger of change brining relief that frees the spirit to take a deep breath.

I’ve noticed when we reach this point of being able to accept a little chaos. Even in the form of an unruly mess in our personal space, big shifts take hold. We come to understand that everything is okay. All is well. Even in the messy space of having things out of order, we realized it’s still ok. We’re okay.

Currently we are all experiencing things being out of order. The world is a bit messy. We are looking into the unknown and it can feel very uncomfortable. Especially, if we are used to having things set a certain way. The way we like it. Only now, we have to accept that we cannot put everything back where it belongs.

We are being asked to accept the world is messy at the moment. A little messier than we may be used too. Still, it is an opportunity to gather ourselves and nurture ourselves within the chaos. So, in the spirit of integrating the messiness into our wholeness, I offer a few options to soothe the soul.

Here’s a short list of ideas to get started using creativity to relieve stress:

  1. Draw without thinking. Scribble, scribble, scribble. However, you like. Focus of what feels good rather than what it look like.

  2. Paint an abstract of something. See how you can make the table lamp, or your sister or the dog look like Picasso came to visit.

  3. Write how you feel in big descriptive color. Just allow the color to speak for you.

  4. Get some noodles and glue to make macaroni art. Maybe do a self-portrait.

  5. Invite your friends to do something creative, like each one building a fort and then have an online walk through via video chat.

  6. Create a cartoon. Channel that sarcasm.

  7. Cut up old magazines and make a vision board or statement piece.

  8. Make a mandala (round symmetric art) and color it.

  9. Fold paper into structures.

  10. Take a series of selfies as different moods you’ve experienced or funny characters.

  11. Get your friends to each do something creative and then have a gallery showing online.

  12. Make up a song, poem, or picture and share it.

I’d like to encourage you to take a few minutes every day to allow for creative expression. It might not be time spent in front of an easel or scribbling in a journal. It might be the way the pancakes for breakfast come out looking like bunnies. Or it may be the way you decide to wear your clothes by trying something new. However, creativity shows up to express itself will be the perfect way. It’s about allowing things to be creatively different and still be okay.

Most importantly, I’d like to encourage us all to make the space within ourselves for acceptance and peace.Each of us has a power within that can lift the veil of fear.We each have a tremendous ability to shift and integrate our experiences.We are perhaps stronger than we imagine.Remembering that even when the world gets messy, we are still alright.

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