Loving What Is

It’s easy to get caught wishing for something we desire, something we are longing to experience, or dreaming of having. Connecting to our hopes, dreams, wishes or aspirations allows us to embark on the journey to achieve them by giving us a focused direction. However, we can easily block our efforts to accomplish our goals, failing to progress, when we are not in harmony with what is already occurring. This doesn’t mean that we settle for what is happening, especially if we are wanting something else. It means we must come into a state of harmony and acceptance that allows us to transcend what's occurring to move forward from it.

So much time and energy can be wasted complaining or feeling unhappy about certain circumstances or situations, when the real solution is held within a sense of acceptance, that opens us to a resolution for change. We cannot change what we do not see or acknowledge. We cannot move forward, when we block ourselves by only seeing the negative or what is displeasing to us. We must first allow a sense of peace and compassion to enter into ourselves to grant us the freedom from bondage held within the a limited perspective.

We can change anything we chose when we allow ourselves to shift our perspective into a state of light filled awareness. When we hold our minds in an openness that isn’t avoiding the problems we face, we can align ourselves with a potential solution. We become available to our creative potential and the unexpected energy that follows it. We can surprise ourselves by becoming free before we have taken a step to move forward.

The process for finding such freedom comes from being courageous to look at what is occurring without fear. Being bold to acknowledge what is and allowing it to be witnessed, even if it is something we do not want to see, viewing it as it is gives us the truth. With the truth, we can make decisions, we can begin to act in a way that leads to healing and rectification. Our feelings of unification come not by denying our shadow or ignoring what’s hidden in our lives, but rather by embracing it.

We can find our courage by remembering that we have the strength to take action, once we know we have clarity. We come into that strength through tending to ourselves with gentle compassion, forgiveness and tolerance, knowing that we are capable to choose a different path, if we need too. We all have the freedom to choose how we look at a situation. Sometimes that alone is enough to shift how we experience it, giving us more energy to take action.

Finding ourselves with a measure of self-love, compassionately forgiving our missteps, granting ourselves permission to try again, is not something others do for us. It is the powerful embrace of ourselves that makes us resilient to keep going, to eventually achieve our goals in spite of hardships. We become capable to follow our dreams through the love we give to ourselves, the belief that we are worthy and lovable.

Each and every thought that crosses our minds is feeding us a diet of either healthy support or tearing us down to shreds. We choose our thoughts by the way we train our minds to think and by what we choose to focus on within any given moment. The more disciplined we are in the thoughts that we entertain, the more we have inner power to grow into our potential.

No matter what dreams, goals or changes we want to make, we must first love ourselves to accept we are worthy to achieve them. By loving what is in our lives, we help to change it. That’s not to say that we love to be abused or maltreated, but rather we can recognize our value to be loved. Redeeming ourselves through loving what matters to us and finding a place within us to shower gratitude for that understanding. We grow through tender loving care from within ourselves.

Finding ways to show gratitude for who are already, what we have already, what we know already, and why it's valuable already, lets us enter a new state of receptivity. Our consciousness responds instantly to this awareness by opening up opportunities to receive more to be appreciated. We are magnetically charged to attract to us what we focus our attention, by creating pathways of appreciation as we gather thoughts that lead us to places where we can be more grateful and successful.

Some people will look at a situation and will always find something wrong and out of place, something to complain about or be unhappy with, while others find the exact opposite. We choose what we want to place our focus. It takes practice and mindfulness to stay in a state of loving consciousness. We naturally have access to this awareness through gratitude.

Loving consciousness is the state of awareness where we are capable of seeing that which we appreciate, value, respect and feel inspired. It leads us to trust our hearts and follow what feels right to us. It creates space within our minds to listen and discover. It has the potential to grant forgiveness through empathy and compassion, because it instills a desire for peace. When we harbor negativity, it robs us of having this connection to loving consciousness and we lose so much more than just opportunities, we lose parts of ourselves.

We all have days when it’s a challenge, things go wrong, people aren’t kind, we lose something we valued. Still, we have within us the resilience to claim inner peace, finding our way back to a space where change is possible, because we’re allowing acceptance of what is in the moment. Recognizing that any challenge will pass, quicker when we acknowledge it for what it is, letting it go to claim our inner peace by avoiding wasting time and energy through resisting and denying, or complaining.

Loving what is, means accepting the opportunity to see all the possibilities offered within what is happening. When we look with a loving detachment, we can see far better than through eyes of fear, hurt and anger. We grant ourselves this liberation, not by condoning what we don’t approve, but by accepting what it is, in order to see a choice can be made. Sometimes, the choice is waiting to get a fuller picture, more knowledge and understanding which comes through appreciating seeing things clearly without holding onto misconceptions. There is freedom within loving detachment, because it bring peace in accepting our power to choose.

Sometime when we allow ourselves to see everything and find what we can appreciate, we find that we achieve an angelic perspective, suddenly we can understanding the good that will prevail within what appears to be dire. In the I-Ching, a form of Chinese philosophy that has been adapted for divination, there is a hexagram that talks about the use of adversity to achieve a goal. It teaches that sometimes adversity has advantages that are otherwise unseen until it has passed.

There is a story that is told that demonstrates this idea that we might be blessed by what we first see as challenge or hardship. It tells of a father who's only son is given a horse, who then falls off the horse and then can’t go to war. The story has neighbors who first praise his good fortune for receiving the horse, then their bad luck for being injured and then good fortune again to not being parted by war. It reminds us that we cannot always see the good that is coming to us within our lives, but to trust in the force of loving what is to prevail in our attaining our good fortune.

Many of us are experiencing challenges and changes within our lives due to the impacts of the global pandemic and the fall out that this has brought to all our lives. It’s important to remember that even within these challenging times, we have within us the power to evolve and grow to become stronger, happier and more vibrant. Some losses will not be replaced, being grateful for all that we have been taught through the experience is one way to hold acceptance, building a strength to move into resilience.

For each of us, we have an opportunity to soar into our dreams, reach for our goals and manifest what we may only imagine. The journey to all of it begins with adopting a loving acceptance of what is in the moment by acknowledging the opportunity within our experiences. When we have love within our eyes to see what is, loving it as it is, an opportunity unfolds for us to caringly make choices for the better.

I invite you to look at what is occurring within your world today, reflecting on what is worth being grateful, noticing even within what appears to be a challenge, some good that could be found. Perhaps, acknowledging that things are not worst, or that the potential growth that follows might accelerate us to reach our goals quicker, reveling some understanding that was hidden, or just our resilience within these experiences. Contemplating our experiences with a loving awareness has a way of granting us the perception that often makes change surprisingly effortless.

Thanks for reading, it's a pleasure to share with you. To learn more about clairvoyant coaching click on this link to schedule a private session.

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