Loving Life

Some of the most meaningful expressions of joy can be attained through life’s simplicity. We can find these reflected equally in countless places, when we dare to stare at life with gratitude and awe. The embrace from another, the beauty in the sky’s ever changing facade accompanied by the sensations of moods and dancing wind, leaves upon the ground. We live each day wrapped in the beauty of life and so often forget to see it as unique art, timeless and never repeated.

No two days are ever exactly alike, even when we attempt to repeat one, it is never possible. There is too much wonder and spontaneity surrounding us, boundlessly rejoicing in the constant moving of thoughts and expressions to be repeated. Yet how often the mind fools us into a quite dull cloud of missing the magic ever present in every moment given with each breath.

We can choose to stay somber, listless and glazed over by bitterness, driven by a future we can never see, clouded by a past that never was and losing the present minute by minute. It is a fantasy to exchange such priceless wonder for so careless a bargain made in the name of progress and industry. Time befriends those who keep it’s understand only as a measure of potential and not as a gatekeeper to freedoms it has no right to take.

Each moment is within our grasp to celebrate with awareness, seeing, feeling, listening to all that brings joy to the heart, lifting the soul to extend into gratefulness, witnessing brilliance reflected back to and from our own inner light. How do I get there, we may hear a soft voice ask from within, burdened from too many sleepless nights and worried filled days? The reply comes in the soft chirp of a bird's call, the whisper of the tree's leaves, the quite hush of daybreak and the brightness shining within the fullness of the moon.

We find our joy in the simple beauty that reflects back to us our own, lost from view, but never absent. We find our way back to harmony by seeking its recognition in the surrounding of life in gratitude to witness it once again, anew. It’s a path heavy-laden with potential and bursting with presence in the commonplace moments of our lives.

So many blessings surround us every day. Especially, when we allow ourselves to take the time to notice how our soul is lift up to new heights by contemplating them. It begins with taking joy in that which we find pleasing to the eye, what appears special to the ear, what usually goes unnoticed that stands out to be respected. These gifts are the very presence of life’s expression, making real our experiences by adding vibrant details to the canvas of our lives.

It isn’t only nature that bursts open uninhibited joy and beauty, it’s in the companionship of our loved ones, the stimulating stream of thoughts, expressions and connections we share beyond distances and throughout time. We are surrounded by a grandness that few imagine, where words fall short of in description. All of it, is waiting to be taken in with the gaze of the eyes, the quite contemplation and silent awareness of the mind.

Even in solitude, we are capable of basking in the acknowledgment of life’s bountiful beauty and potential grace, simply by granting it an audience where we cease to find fault, even for a moment. This conscious opportunity to immerse our attention fills us with the instant reward that it is already given, a world filled to delight the mind and mesmerize the senses.

I invite you today to enjoy the endless beauty that surrounds and fills the day, not by trying to find things to be appreciative, but rather through noticing what sparks beauty to the eye. Allowing that spark to send unimpeded joy to the heart, awaking a feeling of gratitude that lives there already. Through this grace we can find more of it, usually in places we thought it never existed, making love of life easier than imagined.

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