Light-bearing Gifts from the Heart

This year has been unlike any we’ve collectively experienced in our lifetimes, the pandemic has taken its toll both in our ability to be together, as well as, to live our lives freely. It has equally drawn us together like never before propelling change and innovation that appears to offer social healing and reparations long ignored. Still, we wait for more change that will lift us up higher returning us to the embraces we long to have from those we love the most.

For many of us, we will be celebrating alone with our loved ones at a distance. This may feel extraordinarily stressful and equally depressing as we find it challenging to connect as we wish. There are ways to cultivate our hearts to allow for those cloudy feelings to be distilled into a new form an inner light. It requires a mindful awareness of the gentle strength born from within our ever present inner source of consciousness.

Heavy feelings such as depression, sorrow, loneliness, and even anger can take a toll on our minds effecting our physicality, especially when we turn to substance abuse or other addictions to distract us from the heavy burden our minds and emotions can generate without acknowledgement. It is so important to stop ourselves from taking what appears as easier actions to self-medicate our pain in a way that leads us to an illusion of temporary relief. The pain hidden within the shadows of these modalities of coping furnish our lives with bigger demons to face later, often far stronger and harder to control than when we began to try cope.

So how do we best handle forms of the shadow when it presses in on us forcing us to fight to stay afloat as we feel a struggle to breath, or see anything other than the darkness that appears to be closing in on us? What can we do alone, separate from those we usually cling too? How can we lift ourselves in a natural and holistically effect way to tame those inner storms brewing and threatening our sanity? Where do we find the path back to our own inner light?

These questions are not simple ones to ask. Yet, they hold an answer within the simple task of being asked. When we acknowledge that something within ourselves is in harm’s way, or feel that we may be slipping into a place of darkness we have reached a place to begin to get free. With the understanding that we must first see that we are in the darkness are we then capable to make a shift towards the light. This awareness is the first step to becoming whole and healthy, for without it we remain hidden within our own denial allowing it to fester into a bigger wound.

Sometimes turning towards the inner light is as simple as desiring it to be so. But this simple desire to be lighter and more joyful within ourselves, does require a decision to gain access to make it real. The way to accomplished this is instilled in ourselves as belief that it is possible, by thinking for ourselves, at times making some difficult choices by using all our self-restraint not to make self-depreciating acts or short-cuts to feel better through false means or false friends.

Finding our way out of darkness means to look for the light where we are presently. This might be a simple recognition that we are alive with the chance to experience something new. The light that shines within ourselves never diminishes, its force becomes shadowed by the cloak of ignorance and lost through misunderstanding. It is ever presence, and believe it or not, always active even when ignored within ourselves as that consciousness is a connected substance to all that we know as life all around us. It is a constant life giving expression waiting to be invited to unleash unimaginable limitless potential as we, so direct it.

It might not feel easy to find our own inner light switch when we’ve spent months, or even years groping in the darkness of our bad moods and toxic thoughts. However, we are amazingly resilient beings filled with a force so powerful that through a simple request within our minds we can flip the switch to reveal enough light to cast every shadow from every dark corner within our world. It starts with a simple request and acknowledgement that it is possible.

There are a variety of ways we can become inspired by ourselves to find our inner connection and essentially turn the light on to become a beacon of grace for ourselves and others. Some of these might feel awkward like putting on clothes that we’re not used to wearing and do not feel as comfortable as the old worn out ones we’re used to wearing. Discomfort often reminds us that we are progressing from stagnation into tra