Keeping Course in Changing Winds

I like the idea of being able to navigate life's ever changing landscape. Perhaps, it's the sailor in me that enjoys the challenge of trimming the sails to gain the most speed with the least resistance as you glide along feeling one with nature's breath. It is like the winds sweeping energy that lifts the spirit in a trusting faith that all is well even in the thick of wave and spray.

It is similar to how we navigate ourselves through the change’s life brings to us. Not every challenge is enjoyed like a strong wind in the sails that carries you forward. Sometimes the challenge feel more like a direct starboard hit to the bow, both startling and panic ensuing. Yet, each of us is equipped with an inner compass, a life preserver and a map to help us on journey.

Our inner compass is our intuitive faculty that equips us with the means to know which direction is best for us. Our life preserver is the continuous connection to source energy, a consciousness that's unlimited. The map is the destiny that's meant to be manifested. Each part is empowering us from within to embark with courage, gain success and evolve.

We are always in possession of these gifts, even when we are unaware of them. We may not always feel the full advantage of having them. There may be times we feel that those system within us that are meant to guide us have gotten lost or misplaced. It is easy to find them returned through remembrance.

We activate our consciousness through our focused attention. This brings the light of awareness to the forefront of our expression. We begin to experience a different awareness that encourages easeful solutions. Where barriers are replaced and suddenly cleared. It opens opportunities and grants a sense of inner support that calms the nerves to take action.

Using our natural intuitive ability to cultivate a connection with ourselves builds confidence. This places us in alignment with our destiny. Challenges become the next chance to demonstrate with faith our connection to source energy. Each expression becomes useful and seen as a valuable step in growth.

We can integrate into our wholeness with less stress when we feel a sense of inner connection to our authentic experiences. When we feel confident to speak our truth standing in our place being seen, we empower action from integrity. There is no stronger place to act than from this inner place of connectedness.

As we navigate our daily lives there may be small and big challenges that arises. We can fortify ourselves through self-care practices and rituals for integrated wholeness. These are not complex exercise, nor do they require a big time commitment. They are simple practices that can help ensure we are in connection to ourselves.

Here are a few things that can really integrate our experiences. These serve as foundational routines that can create a sense of connectedness while maintaining a sense of intuitive awareness.

First step to connecting to our intuitive sense of self is relaxing. Relaxing the mind, clearing thoughts and creating a sense of inner peace. This can be achieved through slow deep breathing that helps to slow the heart rate while focusing attention on the calmness in the breath. Our breathe leads our awareness and can claim inner peace quickly.

Adjusting the way we perceive a situation by not immediately reacting to it is also goo