It's in the Air...

We often talk about change, as if it arrives overnight. But truly, real change is often built over time with foundational ideas that inspires many small actions. These small actions join together creating a collective force that makes possible a way for change to happen. We are experiencing the collective building of global changes. Some might say, dramatic change, as if the world has decided to make big script changes with unexpected plot twists. And within this global drama, we can each find our role to play.

The changes that we face as a collective group of souls is different for each of us. As each one of us holds our own unique perspective that instills our beliefs patterns, providing a special view of the collective experience. This means we are all different, even though we are also, the same. It is not the ways that we are similar that binds us. It is the reverence held for all within the experiences of many that matters. Each of us is valuable inherently.

As we collectively share the responsibility to endure, make better or worst our future through actions of today. It has never been more important to remain secure in the reverence for life, all life; plants, animals, and especially human beings. Our collective home requires all the different actors to play their roles for harmony and balance.

Each of us carries a special light within us that is precious and unique. Each of us has a potential to which we were born to fulfill. Each a special path to walk lifting the whole with each individual step. We may not look like we are influencing the world within our perspective. Yet, with each thought we shape the world. It is valuable to have good thoughts. Focused intention on ‘good’ often becomes powerful, when good thoughts generate great deeds.

It isn’t easy to stay focused on what we would perceive to be good. Especially, if much of what we witness reflects a harsher reality. It’s important to remember that there is always something to be grateful. This simple shift can help realign energy back to seeing what is good. It is extraordinarily helpful practice. Stating a simple internal ‘thank you’ for what we cherish can help lift our hearts and minds in an instant.

Being in a state of perpetual change can feel stressful as we are not being grounded in our typical routines and shared lives. Additional stress created by having potential unseen outcomes from various sectors of our society has only increased the discomfort with what we label as the unknown. This discomfort with what we are unfamiliar can call forward other fears associated with things that are seen as different. It’s important to be mindful that this discomfort due to unexpected change, does not feed into prejudices towards those that are seen different from us.

When we feel secure in our surroundings, we often crave adventure looking for that which is foreign or different. This is because we feel safe enough to explore and incorporate change in adaptable stages. Our growth is supported within naturally formed comfort zones. We don’t always have the luxury of being comfortable with change. Currently, the pace of change accompanied by the question of safety has made the unknown a scary option.

In yogic practices, we often discuss the varying degrees of conscious by labeling the level to which our understanding is limited. It looks something like, we live in the known, we transcend to understand the unknown. And yet, there is still the mystery of life called the unknowable. With this awareness, we can integrate the unknown as it becomes known, and marvel at what’s possible within the unknowable. The unknowable is also called unlimited potential.

The beauty of our uniqueness arrives when we cherish the differences that we find both in ourselves, as well as, reflected in others. It is what we can learn from each other on the shared path that makes the journey worthy as we walk together. Granted it may feel more comforting to anchor in the familiar. However, our consciousness expands while exploring the unfamiliar. Even our relational bonds grow stronger when navigating the novel and unexpected.