It's All in Divine Timing

There is a magical energy that inhabits all of consciousness, hidden to some, ignored by most and celebrated by a few. It is the uncanny union of perfect alignment that’s constantly demonstrated within nature’s cycles and enjoyed by those in the know. It is a sense of being in the right place at the right time for the right reason with the right people, doing what feels effortless, as if being guided by an omnipotent omnipresence force of perfection.

We call this force by many different names typically referred to as divine timing. It’s spoken of as synchronicity in psychological terms and a serendipitous experience for believers of the unexpected. Whatever we call it matters not, for it is beyond explanation, operating by its own force of magic. We can call it forth into our lives, if we are prepared to follow the inner lead that draws it forward.

How do we find this magic in our lives, and benefit from the magic of being in an alignment that eases every task, making everyday feel like we are special and blessed by grace? We ask. It’s that simple, we ask to be in alignment. We are much more connected to an inner divinity than most entertain or imagine. Our consciousness is without a challenge, unlimited potential and capable of much more than we expect.

However, we can gain access to this inner resource in a few simple steps. First, we must acknowledge that we are not knowers of all things, understanding we are ignorant to the unlimited potential that rests within our very consciousness. This is not a bad thing. It’s a truth that when realized allows for expansion of our lives through understanding there is much more to be discovered. When we acknowledge we have more to discover, explore and learn, we tend not to deny what we don’t yet understand. We get out of our own way so to speak, allowing potential to enter through mystery.

If we walk around hammered down to our logic, stuck in the idea that we know it all, acting like nothing unexplainable ever occurs, we essentially help to ensure that it will go unnoticed and unacknowledged, if it does. Our perception of the world is greatly dependent on what we expect to see. We are taught in many different ways how the world, people and ourselves are supposed to function, act and respond. This is not an issue, so long that we also accept that it is limited knowledge past down by experiences had in the past. We are ever evolving in a universe that is still being discovered and explained.

We must embark on the theory that we are here to evolve through self-discovery and experience what has yet to be known. When we allow this small opening to the possibility of experiencing the unexpected, unexplained, newly found and unimagined, it has a chance to present itself to us. This is the reward of those who can be open-minded, willing to explore the impossible in everyday terms of curiosity and a cultivated commonplace awe of what could happen next.

Embracing the imagination is almost always a rewarding experience that unleashes unexpected blessings and surprises that tickle us to believe in magic. When we allow ourselves to acknowledge the unexpected as not just a potential accident, but a boon that's awakening our sense of good in our lives, we open the door to our potential in consciousness. So much comes to us through a simple invitation called from within our hearts and held within our thoughts, as a request that's already answered and felt with expectation.

We can achieve the most unexplainable feats simply by trying too. With an effort put forth in our request and attached with a feeling of expectation filled with child-like awe, we accomplish all that needs to unleash the magic in the universe. We call it forth, our consciousness responds with a nudge like a calling card to follow the sparkling path to achieve the request.

We must take a second action beyond simply asking to be led in the direction of the magical experience. We must follow the urge that arises that calls us to action that gives us a sense of - go now, drive in this direction, call this person, eat here today, go. These inner urges and divine leads are the inner messages directing us to have that divinely timed experience we’ve requested. We must learn to listen to ourselves by following that instinctual nudge to complete the connection to our divinity through timing as a form of active grace.

When we act from this feeling sense, an inner knowing that we are aligning ourselves with that aspect of nature that already knows how to act for our best outcomes, miracles occur. It appears to be hardwired within all of consciousness, just waiting to be entertained and released into expression, a sense to make amazing things happen under grace. So much power resides within our consciousness, so much that we fail to fully utilize, so much that is working without our being fully cognizant. Our consciousness is worthy of contemplation, how we can do all that we do and yet have time to still be distracted by news stories, gossip and memes, things far less worthy of our attention.

We are boundless conscious beings walking through a conscious world of tremendous connectivity. All we need to do is ask for input, listen and follow what comes to us through our body’s sense of awareness that flows in divinely timed events and occurrences. It’s a magical experience that can be repeated as many times as we allow it to be. We can always get parking in front of the store regardless of the time of day and heavy traffic, we can always find what we looking for, even if its out of season, sold-out or not in stock. These are just some little ways that this magic appears.

Divine timing happens in big ways as well, saving us from a horrific accident, catching a much need flight home, saving money we didn’t know we'd need to have later, opening opportunities that change our lives for the better. Some of the most transformational experience have the elements of divinely timed providence. This is not superficial circumstances. This is the unexplained domain of consciousness being witnessed one miracle at a time.

I invite you to look at the world a little differently today, exploring the potential of what could be easier, gentler, unexpectedly more fun than what you’ve known or been told to expect. Conceive a victory and expect it to arrive by following the nudge to take action once the request has been made from within. Let the joy of child-like awe lead to a new chapter of discovery in your day by following divinely timed grace spurred from the spark within to go forward.

Thanks for reading, it's a pleasure to share with you. To learn more about clairvoyant coaching click on this link to schedule a private session.

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