Invitation to the Inner Child

There are so many wonderful ways to connect with ourselves to gain a sense of peace and inner freedom. One way is to invite the inner child within us into dialogue. To dialogue with the inner child takes only an invitation and a little visualization. The inner child is that aspect within ourselves that holds our innocents, witnessing and retaining our experience. Connecting with our inner child is a pathway to release tension while regaining a magical perspective of child-like awe.

Inner child dialogue helps us to discover ourselves as innocent and fresh, as well to notice and repair anything that might be blocking progress. The inner child may have wounds or ouches that still need a gently kiss to mend. Often working with the inner child promotes expansion, increases confidence and opens up creativity or inspiration.

This may sound like a challenge, and for some it might very well be. Rest assured, whether your inner child is challenging or easeful, getting to know yourself from this perspective is valuable. The inner child is the container within us that holds all our dreams, awe, fears and mystery. It is a gatekeeper to our truth and the ringmaster behind many of our decisions.

The container of the inner child also holds our origin stories. These are the stories that we were given before we were born, that lingered at our birth and grew after us. The mystery within delights the inner child and becomes a place of retreat when threatened. At times, the inner child is forgotten altogether, as if hiding from sight, yet ever watchful.

This perspective of the inner child within affords a certain vulnerability when honoring our truth. Perhaps, because the child knows not how to lie, and with that clarity is free to speak the truth.

Events may lead us away from the simple joys of life. Either through responsibility or circumstance, we may find many things that distract us from our inner sense of harmony. The simple joys that make life worth living may be overlooked. What allows us to change our mood is often perspective. So many of the littlest things that support us often get tossed aside when faced by challenges.

We are lured out of comfortable routines, daily reveries and responsibilities to witness to the exploits on the world stage. It is not uncommon to feel isolated, confused, upset, helpless or angry. It understandable, these are profound issues concerning, health, justice, issues that may have long lasting repercussions.

In these moments when we feel slightly out of sorts, we can anchor ourselves. It’s good to take a mindful look at what is actually happening with ourselves. This means checking in consciously to ask the basic questions. How am I feeling? Where is this feeling coming from? What is this feeling telling me? Why am I feeling this issue in this way?

These questions are not always easily answered. Which is why they are so valuable. These are the answers lead to direct knowledge about ourselves. It cannot be switched off. Although, easily ignored. Our sense of self is ever present and awaiting acknowledgment. Being mindful and knowing ourselves affords a freedom no other can bestow. It starts by paying attention to how you feel.

Feelings lead us directly to our soul essence. Our sensory perception reveals our reflected reactions. In other words, we are not our emotions. Our feelings are made to inform us as we sync our experience to our understanding. They are the signals to our inner world. A sense of communication with our inner child, or soul essence.

Our senses are meant to inform our experience. However, often our emotions made take the lead without the rest of our good sense. This happens when we’ve not been listening to those communications and rather allowed them to build up to the breaking point of outward expression. This is often experienced as an explosive reaction or uncontrollable behavior.

These moments of release are necessary for the psyche to manage the amount of emotional weight created by not paying attention to those emotions on first appearance. When we allow ourselves the honesty to acknowledge how we feel at any given moment, we are free to choose. Our acknowledgment of the feeling does not negate, suppress, or demand a respond. The feeling is liberated by awareness.

Through simple acknowledgement, we are allowed to reflect and chose what to do with the message of this feeling. Perhaps, noticing a feeling of being fussy or easily triggered to respond in a way that does feel good. Perhaps, it’s a combination of things that seems to hint at a need for little self-nurturing. One of the things we often overlook within ourselves is the innocent one who trusts to be taken care and loved by us. This aspect of our psyche is often entertained as our inner child.

Below is a resource that is very helpful. This practice helps to facilitate integration with a mindfulness practice. This video was developed to help facilitate healing integration of traumatic triggers. It is based in the emotion-focused principles from the works of John Gottman and Gabor Mate. It’s been helpful to many.

Every day we encounter challenges and interactions that may reveal thoughts, feelings and insights born from the space of the inner child. When we allow ourselves to take a moment to listen and integrate, we grow. I encourage you to take advantage of inviting the inner child to speak. Children are the keepers of magic. And with an invitation, the inner child is ready to share that magic with you.

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