Intentional Living

2020 has officially arrived. With the start of this new year we get the opportunity to contemplate the start of a new decade. This spurs the concepts of longevity, life wishes or what some call bucket-lists. Whether contemplating life changing elements or simply revising wellness goals living with an intention brings magical results. Intention helps consciousness deliver those goals with a sense of grace that can make dreams come true. Focusing on intentionality has a way of connecting us to our inner source of power and action.

Living intentionally means to make an agreement and then to follow actions to uphold your agreement. This could be a simple single decision that has broad implications, such as quitting a bad habit or changing a diet. Interestingly when we consider making changes to improve our lives, those acts can have a cascading effect of wellness and positivity. This is why it is better to be honest in your intentions. The actions steps may change to support that intention, but the intention itself remains the same. So, having the intention to be healthy may begin by changing a diet but evolve into practices, activities and different social groups.

Celebrating our ability to make an intention will help keep it vibrant. Our intentions grow through the passion we have for them. Keeping an inner fire lit for that which you are focused on means feeding your intentions daily. This means spending time reflecting and recommitting to the intention by seeing its value. It may also include visualization, creative writing, journaling or actions steps. As we tend to the intentions we hold, we become lead to actions that help to fulfill those intentions.

Our internal sphere of awareness is activate when intentions are presented as cause for action. An intention can be all that is needed to spark revolutionary change in our lives. As we hold an intention, we may find internal shifts take place in order to facilitate the outward change that the intention has put into motion. This is a wonderful way to align quickly towards our goals. Inner harmony has a way of facilitating outer growth.

Sometime allowing ourselves to hold an intention with an openness to see how best to make it manifest is part of the process. This can feel awkward as the intention is still forming into an out-pictured event or goal to attain. This is a very creative space within consciousness that can bring considerable shifts. It requires being patient, gentle and giving the space to process emotional or mental considerations that may be in direct conflict with an intention. Coming to terms with accepting or allowing self-recognition may be part of the process for someone who has the intention of service in the public or desire to perform.

Each intention is like a key that is unlocking a door to the inner truth of potential validated. It is in claiming it that it becomes real. It is acknowledging it that it is given life and with its purpose. This alignment can bring great joy and fulfillment as happiness is often found in that which has purpose transcending the ordinary.

Considering what to be intentional about is as important as sticking to the intention. Collect your inner thoughts and tap into the heart's wish when you look for inspiration. Invite the highest potential to be welcomed into your meditations and dreams. It may be surprising to find how many things become intentional when we allow ourselves to respect our own wishes. May this year bring us all the best of health, love, peace and joy!

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