Inner Magnetism

Following our inner compass has its advantages.

I had a client who sent me something she'd found online. She was researching ways to increase her psychic abilities and to expand her spiritual growth. She sent me what she had found inquiring as to its practice and validity. The information was incorrect from a yogic perspective. After speaking with her at length, she suggested I write a blog post with the correct information and understanding to help others. So this is what I shared with her, and now it is here for you too.

We are magnetic beings and we live on a magnetic planet. The yogic knowledge that has been passed down teaches that we are very much like our planet in that we too have magnetic poles within ourselves. When we honor this knowledge it gives us a more harmonious experience in our lives. It is simple to practice and something that is truly beneficial.

To begin this practice we must first understand the connection. Our bodies are divided in two halves along a median line. We have a left side and a right side. Along with double organs, eyes, ears, limbs, lungs and so forth we also have two poles. These two poles manifest magnetic properties. The right side represents the positive pole and the left side represents the negative pole.

Each pole radiants, absorbs and retains a subtle form of Pranic energy with magnetic properties. Yoga offers many practices that help to concentrate, build and use this energy to heal health issues, promote spiritual elevation and to prolong health. This article covers only the benefit of proper alignment in our environments in regards to our magnetism. For those wishing to to learn more I suggest beginning a solid meditation practice as a foundation first before moving into the more esoteric practices of Pranayama.

The magnetism found within our bodies can be divided as follows with positive and negative poles. The right side as the positive pole and the left side as the negative pole. If we divided the body into upper and lower, the upper is the positive pole and the lower is the negative pole. A third way is to see the front of the body as positive while the back side of the body being the negative pole. Similarly, if we divide the Earth into northern and southern hemispheres, the north is the positive pole and the south is the negative pole. If we divided the western and eastern hemisphere, the eastern is the positive and the western is the negative pole.

Yogic sages found that when you sleep with your head towards the north/south or lying with the body in the north/south direction it brings peace, harmony and greater comfort to the mind body. They also discovered that lying in the reverse direction of west/east produced adverse experiences of disharmony, an over active mind and unrestful sleep. Interestingly, in the early 1900's the French Biological Society tested this hypothesis and came to the same conclusion. Later two French scientist who worked as engineers named Duchatel and Warcollier tested the theory and found this yogic knowledge to be well founded. They went further with their findings, suggesting it was best to work in the direction of east/west as well as, sleeping in the north/south direction.

There are many practices that teach proper alignment with the placement of items within our environments such as Feng Shui, or Vastu Shastra to bring greater harmony and wealth. These types of practices can be useful to stimulate both our mental awareness and support our physical enjoyment of our environments. They usually rely on the physicality of objects to support creating inner harmony. This yogic practice of honoring inner magnetism is one that builds harmony by utilizing the natural connections of the body's placement in relation to the environment.

I suggest using this principle of magnetism to build inner harmony. It provides a way to strengthen health and to gain greater peace within the mind through an amazing shared magnetic connection with the planet. Try and pay attention to your quality of sleep while resting in the north/south direction. I think you will find a greater sense of calm and peacefulness. Likewise try working in the west/east direction and see if your productivity increases or your sense of motivation is improved. Overtime you may find through this awareness and practice similar benefits that have been expounded by the ancient yogis that attest to greater levels of health.

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