Inner Light ✨

The light that radiants within the sphere of conscious awareness is never dimmed. It is always sparkling with the affirmation of life. Even when we feel our mood is not so shiny. Within our inner light continues to glow. We are gifted by the presence of an extraordinary blessings, our own consciousness.

We have the ability within our own consciousness to create worlds. We can dream while we sleep and even while we are awake. We can imagine. Our imagination is a boundless power that when activate everything shifts. We often applaud those who use their imagination. Especially when their imagination gifts us with advancements that make life better.

We might not think of ourselves with the same creative inclination that we see someone as a Tesla, or DiVinci. Our imagination is no less powerful. Through the imagination we embark on paths before having prepared. And yet through the imaginative process, we are given all that prepares us, often with an extra boost of creative inspiration.

The imagination's real power is actually beyond simple creative problem-solving. Imagination is the doorway that transform everything it's applied too. In many ways it could be seen as the connective energy that facilitates change. For once the imagination is active the world begins to take form to follow suit with that vision.

We are invited to a journey through the imagination that lifts our perspective beyond our typical thoughts. Imagination activates consciousness in such a way that it impresses the subconscious with visions of what is possible. These possibilities are formed through the continued use of imagination. Like building blocks that create the world imagined.

Imagine the possibilities. Seriously, imagine. Endless possibilities, perfect solutions, wonderful discoveries and magical occurrences all are given entry into our world through our imagination. It can have an immediate effect on the world of the one who's using their imagination as their vision is changed. They become the archetype of the visionary willing to be a beacon of light that shines from within benefiting all.

Each of us has this opportunity to walk forward into the world we envision. The path is simply allow the mind to expand into possibility. Let the mind explore and discovery. What possible journey through the imagination can be found? Perhaps there is a specific desire or outcome that fills the mind. Let the imagination hold it for a while and see what happens. Magical discoveries that hold surprisingly easy remedies are common.

One of the best ways to activate a state of inner light is to imagine the Source of that light within our hearts. By visually connecting to the light of our hearts we can recognize its presence and honor its value. This recognition through active imagination builds a strong inner strength and lifts our emotional awareness. It can have a strong healing effect, especially when feeling energetically low vibrationally.

The imagination is powerful. And equally important is to note where we are placing our focused imagination. We could easily activate our imagination to scare us. This ability has a valuable use, in that it assists us by avoiding possibility of harm. Yet, too much focused energy on that which we do not desire only entertains its arrival. It's better to focus on that which is optimal, using the imagination to be activated in that direction of creation.

The inner light that supports us is easy to access, if willing to slow down to connect. We deserve that time for connection to our inner light. It is the Source that support life and when connected it lead us in surprising ways. The imagination is active key that unleashes the potentiality that held within our inner light.

Our imagination is a brilliant gift waiting to be unwrapped. It's an