How to Perform a House Blessing ✨

House blessings are wonderful rites to perform, not only when moving into a new home, but also as a yearly practice to refresh and reclaim our living spaces. House blessings are traditionally performed formally when first occupying a residence. However, the idea to bless our homes can be done at any time to reawaken a sense of good energy flow, increasing feelings of prosperity, health and good fortune.

Sometimes, while occupying a specific space for any length of time, we begin to gather things, clutter, habits, energy and a little rearranging can help trigger bigger changes for the better by activating the energy to move. Rearranging furniture, or even the way items are arranged within the refrigerator can shift our perception to become more aware and activated to feel refreshed through a sense of 'newness'. Blessing our homes is are really an act of solidifying our gratitude for our blessings.

The idea of blessing our homes helps us to make peace with the spirits of the land that we occupy too. It opens the opportunity to express gratitude for all the good that is planned for our dwelling spaces, while inviting blessings to continue. It also marks the moment of transition into a new life, a new cycle, and a new beginning.

Often moving into a new space has many different tasks that must be completed. Making a warm and inviting ritual to mark the beginning of a new life in a space is equally as important. However, it should not be rushed or done out of a need to check things off of a list.

Blessing the house represents blessing each and every person in the house who will be invited to share in it as a home and sanctuary. Elements can be created for family members to experience a sense of unity and harmony together. It is a very simple activity that creates closeness within a family, creating bonds and moments of recognition for those celebratory milestones in our lives.

It’s easy to make it fun and significant by having each person in the family participate by asking everyone to bring an object to place on the altar. Or having each person say a short blessing at the beginning to help set an intention of inclusion and harmony for blessing the space. It can facilitate another level of connection within the family forming symbol of security and family bonding.

For those who are not moving, attention to our living spaces is usually observed seasonally with the changing of screens and weatherproofing. Yet, creating a moment to reframe the way we live can be very liberating. Shifting our furnishings or altering out window treatments can create big changes within our dwelling spaces. Even bright fresh flowers can inspire a space to be more inviting.

For those who wish to move, might consider creating an intentional space that honors the new home, can help to stay focused on its manifestation. Consider purchasing an object in preparation for the new place to help trigger intentionality. Vision boards act, not just to depict our wishes, but act as magnets for what we attract through our focus. Once these intentions have been released, be sure to follow the divine leads that arrive. Our intentions bear fruit, when we follow our intentions.

We create our house blessings first through our intentions, so it’s important to connect with what purpose the blessing is meant to serve. Is it to install peace, harmony, and familial bliss? It is to start a new family, or to create a retreat space to entertain family? Spend a little time considering what is best and then fine-tuning the words to make it perfect.

How to Perform a House Blessings:

  • Begin by cleaning the house, opening a few windows for air circulation and creating an altar space to honor the Divine.</