Honoring All the Mamas

Being a mom is such a privilege, blessed by fate to be the one who cares for another. It is a sacred role that holds so much magic in it, that it is hard to believe it can be done. And yet, we see it can and so often, we come to think it’s easy. Being a good mother means having her child’s well-being at heart and to be consistent in their care.

Being a mother has such a powerful energy, I suppose this could be attributed to our archetypal awareness of the Divine Mother watching over all of us, a feminine force as the all-powerful deity of creation. She is all-pervasive and compassionate, fierce, strong, limitless, and capable of dispelling all darkness. Such a powerful figure was surely born from the tales witnessed by young children growing up watching their mothers.

We have so much inner power within us as the divine feminine, even if we are incarnated as a male physically. We all have a nurturing feminine side within us, the divine mother within. It is so powerful to connect to this force within ourselves, as it helps to bring us into alignment with a supportive and compassionate side of ourselves, that knows we are capable, and allows us to rest, while we attain our goals without being constantly pushed to perform.

The nurturing awareness of the divine mother within, often must teach us to be tolerant, to keep our faith strong and to never give up manifesting our vision. As mothers, we are similarly blessed to support and encourage our dreamers to dream, designers to create, and inventors to tinker. We hold and nurture all that is being born into manifestation, watching our children grow into tomorrow’s future.

Being a cheerleader for others, embodying the endless supporting being of light and love, requires recharging herself. We have such amazing abilities to offer and share with others, but to do so, we must nurture ourselves within with equal love, compassion, and joyfulness. We can enjoy the same support we give others, by equally tending to ourselves. Small acts of kindness towards ourselves, energizes us to keep going as amazing mothers.

Honoring the Divine Mother Within

  • On an altar place a candle, a flower, an offering (candy, fruit, coins, or water)

  • Close your eyes and take a long deep breath

  • Imagine you are inside a temple in the middle of your heart and within the altar space sits the Divine Mother. Place your offering at Her feet and bow inwardly.

  • Wait and allow the Divine Mother to bless you with a gift of wisdom.

  • After receiving insight, let it be acknowledged and remembered.

  • Open your eye, with palms at the heart offer gratitude.

This small meditation ritual has reportedly increased the awareness of the Divine Feminine within, allowing for more fluid and easeful solutions to be found in problem-solving. Many different people have shared that after practicing this meditation, they found they felt a sense of being cradled or held, uplifted, and supported. They all said, that they were experiencing a deep connection to higher vibrational energy. This is not unlike other forms of yoga that have similar reports of increasing someone conscious experience, to what they report as elevated consciousness.

We can grow our connection to this divinely feminine force through our inward recognition and through our outward actions of respect. We may find we are drawn to help other mothers or become a mother to someone. The energy of being a mother is really something that is divinely bestowed upon us. It is an honor always. However, we embark today celebrating Mother’s Day, showing our gratitude for our mother, for all mothers, let’s honor the mother within us all.

Happy Mother’s Day to All 🌼

Calming Pink Rose Moon Milk Tea Recipe🌹

3 Tablespoon Tulsi Rose Tea into 3 cups water brew into tea, then add:

1 Tablespoon beet powder

¼ teaspoon ashwagandha powder

¼ teaspoon astragalus powder

½ teaspoon honey

¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 cups of warm milk (oat, sprout, rice)

1 teaspoon of dried rose petals on top, stir together. Serve 4 cups

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