Have you Ho'oponopono today?

Ho'oponopono is one of the greatest gifts given by the Hawaiian culture. To practice ho'oponopono is to bring harmony and peace into the world. The practice is a long prayer which includes breathing to correct mistakes and set relationships aright. It is an easy practice that anyone can do with a little patience.

Offering Ho'oponopono is a wonderful way to give our service to the greater good in the world. We can find something that is weighing heavily on our hearts and we can perform ho'oponopono to help shift the energy of the issue. It is also an excellent method to restore and maintain good family relationships. It is known as a problem-solving process. It can be used to make right any stressful relationship or situation in life. It is an sophisticated method of conflict resolution that embraces spiritual truths with a sense of dignity. The name ho'oponopono means 'setting it right'.

There are seven processes within the traditional practice. Prayer work for asking for guidance and support from a higher power. An acknowledgment of the problem with a discussion followed by a confession of wrongdoing. Restitution that brings balance and understanding to all concerned. Forgiveness that releases the bonds between those that were harmed and the ones who harmed. The final piece is an act of letting go by reciting a prayer or performing a ritual to release all parties from the bonds created by the offending actions.

In the kahuna tradition the wrong-doer and the one wronged are linked by invisible cords created by the transgression and its after-effects. This is a powerful understanding because it reveals that we may continue to be bound to past pain, if we do not clear it. As you forgive, you are also forgiven. Forgiving is different from forgetting. The lessons we go through is an aspect of knowledge we gather that when honored needs not be repeated. Still forgiveness releases us to evolve to another level fully accepting the gift of the experience and moving forward freely.

The attitude required for ho'oponopono means to be genuine and sincere towards desiring a resolution. Nothing must be withheld. The truth is to be shared with full awareness and to speak openly about feelings to clear the heart. This is not simply an air of grievances, but a decision of shared confessions to find reparation. It requires maturity to speak without an intentional desire to hurt. It requires being able to give forgiveness once it has been genuinely requested. Sometimes ho'oponopono is best served by having an elder or the council of a person who knows how to facilitate the process.

Ho'oponopono can work even if the person whom caused the injury is unwilling to do the work to resolve the conflict, or perhaps is no longer within your circle or community. The practice holds the same power to heal when done with sincerity and diligence. When you choose to practice ho'oponopono for yourself it important to be truly honest about what it is that is being resolved. Being honest, as if the perpetrator were present to hear the grievances. This will allow a full clearing of the heart to take place.

The following steps are a shorter version of what an actual kahuna might perform. However, it is a proven practice that has helped many people shift circumstances and liberate themselves and others into a place of peace, harmony, health and happiness. Though the steps may seem simple when done properly the effect is transformational. Remember that within the kahuna traditions breath or mana is the vehicle that delivers our requests from our lower self to our higher self. Therefore, remember to take big deep full breaths as you recite and work through this process.

To begin we breath deeply focusing on the act of repentance. If you are the one who has been wounded this part of the process reclaims the act from a universal witness. With a deep inhale and full breath we say: I'M SORRY. This may be for our role in the exchange even if we were not wrong-doing. The second step is to ask for forgiveness to allow the energy to move into the open and be released. We do this by breathing deep and saying: PLEASE FORGIVE ME. The third part of the process clears the act by giving gratitude that this is no longer our burden. We understand that we have been granted forgiveness and we are grateful for that healing. Again, taking a deep breath we say: THANK YOU. The last stage of the process is to acknowledge universal love for ourselves and for those who we are now in harmony with through the previous stages of reparations. We are acknowledging universal unity. Allowing love to fill the space where the wound once occupied within our hearts. We take a