Gratitude is the Best Attitude

To walk through life with the awareness of deep gratitude for all that we have is one of the most powerful life changing perceptions. With this viewpoint obstacles become stepping stones to receiving what was needed before asking. Standing in gratitude appears to activate a special energetic forces of magnetism.

With gratitude our wishes are granted well in advance of their arrival with seed of new born dreams close to blooming. We can find ourselves capable of undertaking tasks with renewed enthusiasm of gratitudes infectious energy. It liberates the mind to conceive a positive outcome regardless of appearances.

We can truly improve our mood instantly with daily gratitude practice. It is possible to shift our entire day, or even our entire life by being a grateful. Gratitude launches us into a stratosphere of fulfillment through appreciation. This helps to generate a powerful vibrational connection to other positive expressions for which to be grateful.

Gratitude builds exponentially through a daily practice. It starts to instill a solid awareness that the universe is an abundance resource filled with many wonderful things and experiences. It deliberately infuses our experience with a positive expectation that cues our vibrational field to align with a demonstration of it.

We gather our experiences inwardly and reflect them outwardly. If we are in appreciation, we begin to reflect experiences that show love, kindness and a tendency towards expressions of abundance. We become more open as we stand in appreciation. Our lives generate a wealth that can only grow when we are rich in our attitude of being thankful in advance.

Here are three fun ways to cultivate gratitude daily.

  1. With every step you take, silently say 'thank you'. Try to practice this for an entire day. It has a way of clearing the mind and instilling joy.

  2. Make a list of ten things you're grateful and add why. This has a powerful way of releasing any fear, worry or anxiety, releasing us into peace and faith.

  3. Write thank you notes for people you appreciate and send them. Our gratitude grows when it is witnessed and shared.

Gratitude is like a magic balm that can help facilitate expression of peace, compassion and awareness. We bless ourselves with a grateful heart for it knows no weight from malice. We purify ourselves of envy, fear and scarcity with this deliberate perspective. Gratitude reset our mindset to success, encouragement and courage. Through gratitude we lift others equally as our appreciation is often mirrored back to us.

It equally interesting to notice how easily this attitude can spread joy and remove fear in others when we speak about what there is to be appreciated. Even in the darkest of situations of betrayal we find gratitude of knowing the truth that has been given. When a loved one is not well, we are reminded of how special and fortunate we are to even have them in our lives. We become grateful for what's important when we are placed in situations that may not be so fortunate.

Perhaps, we may not see before us exactly what we wish. But we can align ourselves with the good that is inherent in ourselves to help shift our experience for the better. Even when we feel that the good within us is not so obvious, we can look to the simple fact that we are breathing and therefore have the opportunity to make good happen. This might be as simple as being grateful to make a new choice.

Sometimes being in the darkness of our shadow experiences helps us to truly face what needs to change into order to see the light that offe