Flower Essence for Integrated Health

Flower essences are a form of herbal medicine used to heal the emotional and mental imbalances of an individual. Flower essences act similar to other homeopathic remedies in that that help to trigger the body’s natural response to heal. They were first developed by Dr. Bach in the early 1900’s.

The use of flower essence has expanded, adding many more flowers to the original compendium first developed by Dr. Bach. Today there are many flowers that are used to help treat a wide variety of different ailments. Each flower essence has a distinct healing profile for which it has been studied and found to be supportive.

Taking flower essence as a treatment modality is rather easy, as tinctures that can be taken directly, or diluted into a beverage, such as a glass of water. They build a cumulative effect that enhances its transformative effects over time. The flower essences can have an effect that is felt immediately, depending on the condition being treated. Children and animals have been shown to benefit from flower essence treatments, showing the substantial effects beyond mere suggestion.

There are many ways we can approach learning and incorporating flower essences into our daily practices. We can follow what we are attracted to and benefit from this by investigating the flowers healing benefits. We can do a case study for a specific ailment that we would like support with and then chose appropriate flower allies to help support our healing journey. Or we can begin learning about a single flower, discovering what is relevant to us.

Flower essences are said to reflect the healing properties found within their vibrational energy of the flowers. We can experience this effect directly by choosing to sit in a garden or with a particular flower with the intention to absorb its presence, honoring what teachings might arrive to us within that shared space. We may not have the flower we are called to growing in our gardens. This is okay, because we have the flower’s essence that may essentially lead us to a deeper level of healing.

Flower essence can be acquired through online marketplaces, health food stores, and apothecaries. Below is a short list of a few flower essences that are truly helpful for everyone, especially when desiring to integrate ourselves to reach our highest potentials.

Flower Essences for Integrated Health

  • Black-Eye Susan: opening hidden areas of potential, breakthrough in self-awareness.

  • Blackberry: ability to manifest, put thought into actions

  • Cayenne: acts as a catalyst to move beyond inertia.

  • Filaree: letting go of worries to freely participate in life.

  • Five Flowers: a combination of five flowers known to powerfully create calmness.

  • Fuchsia: brings emotional awareness with focus on honest expression of emotions.

  • Holly: opening up to true love and acceptance, compassion.

  • Indian Paintbr