Five Daily Rituals for Self Awareness

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Within our consciousness, we have a psychic apparatus that allows us to integrate our deeper level sensations into usable knowledge. We often refer to this awareness as empathy or a somatic sensation. We can gather a tremendous amount of knowledge from our environments simply through observation of our physicality. Scanning is more than just how the body feels. It is where your attention goes within mind as it connects to the body that is important.

We are in constant communication with ourselves. We have so much information coming in that we often will shut down just to feel a break. This is a red flag that integration is needed. When we fail to process experiences or do not release stress, if can build into unhealthy results. To keep a clear channel open and to maintain freedom from blocked and unprocessed experience, follow these simple steps.

1. Every morning set an intention of light, peace, and harmony. This can be through a chosen prayer or a simple visualization. It the act of intention that set the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Cleanse negative thoughts with deep inhaling breath and smooth clear exhales.

Breathing releases energy while equally energizing the body and spirit. Breath is consider a divine vehicle in many traditions from the Kahuna practice of Huna to different Far East philosophical schools.

3. Water is a powerful medium. It can absorb and amplify energy through intentionally imprinting the water. This can be done by labeling a water bottle and drinking from it. Holding the mental awareness of the intention while drinking the water will only strengthen its energetic effects.

4. Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day, longer, if possible. Meditation is the most powerful way to clear the mind. Daily practice prepares us for the receptivity of all other conscious phenomenon to arrive. Making a daily practice helps to strengthen our awareness by gain control to still the mind on command.

5. Be grateful. Gratitude fill life with the reward of awareness of what is. Gratitude for all put us in the deepest connection to life. We live in the mystery of life. Everything is within our awareness and depends upon our graceful acceptance. Focus on all that is good, pleasing, full, loved, cared, connected and cherished. We live for those things. We are blessed when we are grateful.

Each of us has responsibilities. Perhaps, those responsibilities include family, friends, community members, work obligations, service opportunities and activism. Each of the things that we give our time too is special. It is how we are validating ourselves and those we love. It matters. Each of us matters dearly.

To continue to care for those we love, we must also look to care for ourselves. Soul-tending practices like these help to connect us to our inner worlds. Magic arrives within those moments when we are unguarded with ourselves. Making time through the day to stay connected helps to nourish everyone.

I’ve spoken with many truth seekers and spiritual practitioners who expressed frustration from not having attained some form of s