Falling into Love 🍁 Autumnal Equinox

For those of us in the northern hemisphere we are about to embark on the autumn season. A time when we trade the fun filled days of summer for the longer nights of fall that will eventually lead us into winter. Autumn is a time marked by settling into routines that often make higher demands on us, such as, school, work and social traditions that center around family life. While this brings the opportunity to get close to the things we love and hold dear. It also pushes us to have more demanding schedules and increased tasks to complete. Balance is the key to falling in love with the season.

Autumn is traditionally a time of harvest and gathering together all that we have labored on throughout the year. Autumn offers a time to reflect on that which has been accomplished while celebrating completion or the progress achieved. For many the idea of reflecting doesn't take hold as continued effort remains a continuous practice. This idea of reflecting or taking a pause is often overlook with the fast paced goal-oriented world that we live. It is important to take this opportunity during the equinox as it offers the perfect time for reflection. To pause in a way that creates increased dedication or perhaps a feeling of confidence can make progress more readily attainable.

The equinox marks the mid-point of equal day and equal night bringing to mind the image of a perfectly balanced scale. This imagery is powerful when coupled with the notion of inner reflection. It gives an opportunity to see what we want and where we want more balance in our lives. Perhaps revealing some aspect within ourselves or within our daily routines that could become more balanced with greater ease-fulness. The first step to finding balance is to notice what doesn't feel right or where there is a feeling of strain. Once we notice the area that is causing stress, finding a remedy becomes much easier.

Especially today, as we mark the Autumnal equinox, take the opportunity to set aside a few minutes to tap into where you are and where you would like to have more balance. There are many different ways to check-in with ourselves. We can have a conversation with a friend, journal how we're feeling or meditate to scan the body for insight. Below I've created a short list of questions to prompt inner reflection. Each one will shine a light on a specific aspect of life allowing for a full spectrum view. This is a great practice to adopt during these seasonal shifts as it gives insight into progress and facilitates realignments, if necessary.

Honoring Balance, a Self-Check-In

First get a pen and paper to write down the answers to the questions. When you 're ready, clear your mind by taking a few deep breathes. Relaxing into the moment to enter a state of openness, gentle and peaceful. Being honest with your responses will facilitate the greatest remedy to foster growth and integrated wellness. If you don't have an answer readily allow some time for it to arrive. It might be something that comes later after you've return to work. Simply pay attention to the question and see what arises. The insight will come, especially because the questions has been presented.

  1. Is there an area I feel out of balance in my life?

  2. How would I like this area to look different, if I could magically change it?

  3. What feelings does this create when I think about this?

  4. Who could help give me advise or expertise with this?

  5. What small step action step could I take to remedy this?

  6. What scares me about doing that?

  7. What inspires me about doing that?

  8. What would be possible if I put this into balance?

  9. What would my spiritual life gain from this action?

  10. What would my physical life gain from this action?

  1. What is most important to me in my life?

  2. What area of my life do I feel most successful?

  3. What does this require of me?

  4. What area is sacrificed for this success?

  5. Could I incorporated a different approach to achieve the same level of success?

  6. Who could I ask to help me to do this?

  7. Is there one step I could take today to make this change happen?

  8. What would happen if I made this change?

  9. Who would I become with this burden lifted?

  10. What opportunities would be possible with this shift?

These questions are meant to prompt inquiry that looks into what motivate us to drive actions within our lives. When we reflect on what we value and why we feel that we must perform as we do, it allows a chance to rebalance areas that might be out of alignment. We often find limitations when we believe that things must be done a certain way or that out of habit or routine we are burdened too heavily. Taking a moment to reflect on options that open potential pathways can eliminate that feeling of over-working that can lead to exhaustion or burn-out.

When we are in alignment feeling supported, we are capable of a completing our tasks with a sense of ease and joy. We can then easily appreciate and even love all the different aspects of our lives. When there is more balance given to us through our daily activities, we gain a sense of achievement. Even when the tasks are in progress or challenging. This is because we feel that the pressure has moved to a level that is manageable. We gain the sense that our work is valued. Balance is the key to loving our lives and those we serve in them.

Gathering together and celebrating the harvest, spending time with extended family or fulfilling obligations within work or school can all be a joy when done with a sense of balanced effort. We can gain a sense of falling in love with life. This means to check-in with ourselves rebalancing, or correcting areas that may be pulling too much in one direction at the detriment of other areas. Creating a stress free existence starts by tuning into those areas that are creating stress and bring them into balance with boundaries and support.

I invite you to fall in love with this time of year. By enjoying the new season and reflecting on ways to gain balance. Each adjustment will serve to integrate health, bring greater joy and increased harmony with those we love. Happy Autumnal Equinox 🍁

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