Everyday Angels

We’ve all had those special moments when we are touched by another’s actions that seem to transcend our ordinary experiences. A charismatic exchange that helps us to achieve something that was posing a challenge or could have otherwise. We call them our heroes, good Samaritans, kind people that are our friends, neighbors, and community members. We receive a kindness that feels divinely played for our benefit.

We are divinely guided by a global connected consciousness that seems to place us in service to one another, making us at times earth angels for each other. It is a privilege when this happens and may occur without the full knowledge of just how important that message, comment, help, suggestion, or favor becomes for the other individual. We are all dancing in the divine mystery of cosmic perfection that’s acted out through our conversations and exchanges.

We can ask to be of service through our intentions and prayers. We can look for opportunities to be of assistance and embrace our heart’s promptings to act when we feel like we are meant too. We are capable of many wonderful things that often begin by following a feeling, a hunch, or repetitive thought, leading us to do great things!

What does it mean to receive divine assistance? We often call for prayers of protection and healing. We ask for divine interventions to achieve certain important goals. Yet, what does it mean to have divine assistance daily? It means, remembering that connection to the higher-level consciousness within us that expresses our aligned awareness of the whole. We are able to access this potential higher awareness at any time.

We can cultivate this awareness in two ways. First, we can consciously invoke the assistance of the divine into our lives and then actively watch how things line-up to help us. Alternatively, we can assume we have already received the help we need, speaking the affirmation of the answered prayer and then looking for its out-picturing.

Angelic forces might come in human forms at times, bringing us the messages we need, or giving us support to believe in ourselves, or by lifting our spirits with some form of kindness. We can be this force in the world consciously by choice, offering our good intentions where we are led. Sometimes by helping others, we find we are helped as well, in ways that we to needed to thrive.

We have some interesting ways to receive insight, guidance, help and assistance. By being mindful and staying open to suggestions both inwardly and outwardly by following intuitive leads, because they help us approach our goals. The Divine loves to give efficient ways to accomplish tasks, often with joy and grace for those involved.

It may be helpful to keep a journal or notebook to jot down inspiration or ideas, especially if action cannot be taken immediately. It is nice to be able to reflect on messages and insights, like dreams, consciousness often layers many significant pieces of knowledge within the expression of awareness. This can be found in the multiple meanings found within a symbol that might reflect many different insights with a single image.

One of my favorite ways to invoke this vibrational awareness daily is this:

“The Universe is conspiring to give me everything I want, need and desire. I am eternally grateful to notice this occurrence. The Angels are guarding my path.”

Of course, we place our consciousness where we chose to focus it. It may be that miracles are occurring constantly, and we have only to notice them. We may be co-creators in those miracles by requesting them to appear and invoking their appearance with our awareness, or even acting to bring about the possibility for miracles. Either way, we have the opportunity to enjoy the option of watching miracles unfolding when we look for them.