Eating Intuitively to Radiant Health

Health is a form of wealth in life. When you have radiant health you feel, as if you can achieve anything you decide to do. Staying healthy requires a constant commitment to healthy choices. This means getting plenty of sleep, eating a good diet and keeping a positive mental attitude. It also means listening to our intuitive nature with regards to our health. These foundations of wellness lead to resilient health.

Our health is precious. It represents our life force energy. In health, we are set aglow literally shining brighter with vitality and strength. Our energy radiates optimism and in truth, we have immunity. With strong health we can endure, maintain and triumph. In vitality and health, we can be of the greatest service.

There are many different ways to create a wellness routine, from specific diets and exercise to therapies and supplements. These routines create pathways to manage stress and maintain strong immunity within ourselves. It’s important to follow what feels right as an individual by listening to our own specific physiology. Diets may change according to different trends or scientific approaches. But our health is tended individually through our habits and lifestyle. Researching and learning about ourselves is the first step to health.

Listening to the body is a vital component to strong health. Yet, the body is only one aspect of our health. Our mental state can be even more important when facing a health challenge. It is important to balance both physical and mental aspects of our health. Paying attention to ourselves by taking note of sensations, thought patterns and general mood can help to assess imbalance before the onset of illness.

The mind-body connection affords a consistent connection to our state of wellness. If we are not well, the body and the mind will reflect it. This sensitivity to the mind-body often includes the information to remedy the discomfort through a request for what’s needed. For instance, we’re hungry and tired, the mind-body lets us know. Through practiced attention to ourselves, our awareness grows to enable greater understanding beyond basic hunger and fatigue.

We learn to understand our own signals through patience, compassion and respect for the mind-body. By really listening to the wisdom that returns to us from this connection. We might love the taste of a certain type of food. But, if our body rejects it, that’s wisdom to listen too. Each action we take towards caring for ourselves creates better health. This connection to ourselves allows a pathway to integration through responsive balanced routines of wellness.

Self-care begins with recognition of individuality and gentle compassion to understand what make us unique. This happens through listening to the body’s cues and following what feels right. Supporting our health becomes a joy when we are in alignment with ourselves. This happens when we listen with compassion, not judgment. Loving ourselves is a key ingredient to achieve radiant health.

Finding what works is only part of what brings success. Consistence is what matters.

We want to tend to our health the way we care for a beloved garden with constant loving attention to every nuance and seasonal shift. Perhaps, seeing the product of this effort as more than just a physical mass of cells, but rather an amazing starship that holds the very essence of life. Ok, maybe that’s a little much, but you get the point. The body is sacred and reveals itself as such. Especially, when it’s kept in its purest form of true health.

Listening to the body is a form of gathering wisdom from the self. The body will tell you what it needs. It will tell you where it needs attention. The body will alert you before you act through subtle signals. The body’s awareness is highly developed and in constant use sending signals to keep the body safe and in health. If you listen close enough, it will also tell you why. The body’s intelligence is not only about the physical form. Somatically the body is communicating translating information about our surroundings and those we are interacting.